(65)Car Buying Scams



Purchasing a new automobile is hard enough without having to deal with the sales pressure from a car salesman. It’s no big secret that almost every car dealership can be talked down on the initial price they want for a car. The key is to know what scams to watch out for in order to maximize your hard earned dollar. This article details a few sales tactics that you may want to be on the lookout for the next time you purchase a new automobile.

The first money wasting scam deals with etching the vehicle’s VIN# on the window. In some cases a dealership will try to make you pay for this added feature. Please don’t fall for this trick. No lender will require you to pay for any extra options that you don’t require. To be honest all they really care about is whether or not your payments are on time.

Be on the look out for the phrase “subject to loan approval”. Almost every car loan will have this phrase in it and trust me when I say that some dealerships will try and exploit you out of more money using this phrase as the reason why. This scam is usually pulled on consumers that may have bad credit so if your credit score is good you shouldn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by the dealership. The bad news is for those that are taken advantage of it usually means upwards of $1000 more in finance fees and an additional $50 a month added to your car payment. One way to avoid this scam is to finance the car through your own bank or credit union.

The most abused scam is the credit score scam. This is where the car dealership tells you that your credit score is lower then what it actually is in order to charge you a higher finance rate on your car loan. No one is immune to this scam because the dealership doesn’t care if you have good or bad credit when they attempt to con you. The best way to deal with this greediness is to bring a copy of your credit score with you when you go looking to buy a new car. That way there is no confusion as to what your credit score truly is.

Another favorite scam is the forced warranty scam where the auto dealership will insist that in order to qualify for the car loan you will need to purchase a $2009 2 or 3 year warranty. The bottom line upfront is that it’s hogwash and you don’t need the warranty.

Here’s a good scam that I’m sure you’ve seen often. It’s called the dealer prep scam. Yes that’s right I’m talking about that extra $500 that seems to appear on your contract to compensate the dealer for basically doing nothing since the car arrives in the dealership ready to be driven off the car lot to a prospective buyer. Try an avoid paying this if you can otherwise find a dealer that will knock this ridiculous charge off of the contract.

The dealer markup fee is another phony fee that is made up just to pad the car dealership’s profit margin. This is an unnecessary fee that the dealer charges for no reason other than greed. This fee can be seen on the orange sticker marked on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).
These are just a few of the many scams that can surface from time to time when you are attempting to buy a new car. Although these practices to go on there are many trustworthy car dealerships that can and will sale you a car for the right amount of money allowing you to purchase the car without getting ripped off and still allow the dealership the opportunity to make the compensation they deserve for their efforts. The trick is to find that dealership. Best of luck to you.

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.(66)Car Color Trivia

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Please leave the resource box intact with an active link, and send a courtesy copy of the publication in which the article appears to: ------------------------------------------------------------ The color of car a driver chooses reflects their personality and perhaps their favorite color. But the choice of color in a vehicle can be much more important as well.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand silver cars are 50 percent less likely to be involved in a crash resulting in a serious injury as compared to white cars.

The least safe colors are brown, black, and green according to Reuters.

While, yellow, gray, red and blue cars ranked in the middle range.

According to optometrists, red is the most difficult to see color.

Red is the most controversial of colors. Many drivers claim that by driving a red car they get stopped less for speeding and have less accidents. On the other hand, red car drivers complain that because they drive red cars they are stopped more often for speeding and are moving targets for accidents.

White is actually the easiest color to care for. Half of the white car drivers claim that white cars don't look dirty as quick as colored cars, while the other half complain that they have to wash the car more often just to keep them looking clean.

Black, red and most other dark colors absorb more ultraviolet rays than light colored cars so they are more susceptible to sun damage.

At night white is the most visible and red is seen as black.

Owners of both red and black cars say the interior warms up faster than in other colored cars. This is due to the absorption of heat rays from the sun. Depending on season and locale this may be good or not so good.

Accident statistics show that gray cars are the most invisible in foggy conditions.

Lime yellow is best seen on cloudy days and in snowy winter conditions.

No matter what color the car is, keeping a car in excellent working order and keeping it clean are the most important for safety concerns.

For more info on how to protect the finish of your car visit:
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(67)Car Dealer Reviews - One of the most important pieces of information you need.


You've shopped the makes and models online and found the perfect car to buy. More surfing has landed you a great loan rate via an online bank. Best insurance rate? Got it. Dealer invoice cost for the car and its options? Printed and in hand. Then why do we still feel that sense of impending betrayal when we walk into the dealership? Because up until now, there was no online resource to give you the true dirt on the dealerships.

Enter>Dealer Scene, an all new, 100% free car dealership review and rating resource. At last, an online resource where new car buyers can research the dealerships in their area. Find out what the buyers before you thought about the dealership. Good, bad, ugly? This very important information is now a mouse click away. No more relying on your Uncle Bob's co-worker's friend's cousin's advice to try "XXXX Auto Mall".

The site layout is easy to use and the registration process is quick and not invasive. I was able to sign up and post my own review in a matter of minutes. Each review requires an overall rating on a 1-10 scale. The ratings are compiled and averaged for an overall score. This score is the main indicator of the dealership's performance. For more detailed information you can read each independent review as well. There were a few interesting stories left for other dealerships that I suspect will have them thinking twice before mishandling customers now that this information is easily available!

If you are in the process of car shopping or are about to embark on that treacherous voyage, I highly recommend checking>Dealer Scene as part of your research and homework.>Dealer Scene - Car Dealer Ratings

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Dan Blasi is the CEO of DANKEN, Inc. which specializes in several different internet based consumer services. This article Copyright DANKEN, Inc. - 2009

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(68)Car Detailing Manuals — Tips and Tricks that Save!.


If your idea of car detailing is washing and waxing your car, you might be in for a bit of a shock. While you can save a lot of money making this a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, this is definitely a skill which has been developed over the years.

If you do not want to pay the detail shops to perform this work for you, buying a DIY manual on car detailing is probably the next best step. A manual will provide time-saving shortcuts, as well as tips to give you the professional edge you need.

Repair Minor Body Damage

We all hate the annoying dings and scratches we get from everyday driving. Luckily, a repair book can save you a lot of money. There are many how-to tips which will enable you to repair simple dents (such as hail damage), saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Waxing and Buffing Techniques

Think you know how to wax a car? Well, after reading a manual you might find out you didn’t know as much as you thought! First, you need to start with the right type of polish or wax for your vehicle. Understanding the chemical and material makeup which provides the best shine and long-term protection will help you determine what type of wax to buy. Most do-it-yourself guides will even list a comparison of the most popular brands (so make sure you purchase a recent version).

Interior Preservation

The best way to make sure you don’t have to restore your interior is by preserving it. Easy how-to instructions explain the best way to care for leather, synthetic leather, vinyl, and cloth seats. You will also learn about wear patterns, and how to prevent them. Remember, prevention is the best medicine!

Interior Restoration

Although it is possible to completely restore the interior of a vehicle by having new upholstery installed, this is not always the most practical—or cheapest—method. Car detailing manuals demonstrate common methods to repair small tears in cloth, leather, and vinyl. They will also show you how to bring life back into your worn fabric, which is valuable since it is not always easy to find an exact match on vintage vehicles.

Engine Detailing

If you have ever purchased a car, surely one of the first things you did was open the hood to look at the engine – even if you didn’t have a clue what you were looking for! Whether you are looking to care for your existing car, baby your classic, or spruce up a bit before you sell, engine detailing is one of the most important steps in car detailing.

It is extremely important to follow the instructions in the do-it-yourself manuals. Some cleaning chemicals can cause accelerated deterioration of hoses and electrical components. Certain cleansers are not meant for automotive use, and their residue can remain flammable for several hours. Following a manual will prevent you from making the basic mistakes, show you the best techniques and tools to use (saving you scrapes on your hands as well as time), and can even help you create your own cleaning products which are just as effective as the one sold in your automotive store.

Wheel and Tire Maintenance

Keeping your tires looking good is a great way to keep your car looking good as new. While there are many great products out there to make your tires look great, you should know which ones clean, and which ones leave a residue all over the rubber which will haunt you once the shine wears off. When it come to wheels, it is important to keep them clean and protected. Small rocks and other debris on the road will put small pits in your wheels, making them more susceptible to rust and corrosion. A good how-to book shows you how to clean and protect your wheels so they look brand new for years.

It Just Makes Sense

Owning a how-to manual or book just makes sense. For a few dollars, you will have a wealth of knowledge and a handy reference guide to look at while you are detailing your car. You will pick up time-saving techniques and money-saving tricks that will improve the overall quality and safety of your DIY projects.

It just may turn out that car detailing will be a perfect new hobby for you!

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The Motor Bookstore sells repair and service manuals for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, farm tractors, and much more.

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