(25)An Overview on How to install Neon under car lights.


Are you a bit confused about how to install Neon under car lights on your vehicle? What about the wiring, do you know colors are important when wiring up neon car lights? Well if not we'll show you how to install the under car lights onto your vehicle in the fastest and most easiest way.

First of all, before doing *any* electrical work on your vehicle, always disconnect the battery before starting. Do this by disconnecting the negative battery cable. Performing projects on cars, like installing Neon under car lights, involves drilling holes into the body of a vehicle, its very important to first check the locations where you're going to mount the under car lights, to be certain you won't pierce or damage any crucial parts such as brake lines, fuel lines and electrical lines, etc. While the vehicle is raised up on a lift or jack determine the best location for the neon tubes. Make sure they are away from all fuel lines, exhaust systems, areas of extreme heat, moving parts, and areas where a lift jack is used to raise the vehicle. The easiest way to mount the under car neon lights is to start the screws in the brackets first,(supplied in the kit) then holding the bracket in place, insert and tighten the screws into the holes. Make sure that the wires coming from the *side* neon tubes are facing the front of the vehicle. It's best to tighten the screws just enough to hold the bracket in place, then go back after once you almost finished and individually tighten each one until it seats firmly. Next you'll need to locate a spot to mount the neon light kit transformer. The preferred location will be somewhere near the battery in the engine compartment and you'll need to drill mounting holes for attaching the transformer. The power wire on the transformer can be connected directly to the Positive side of the car battery or to any 12V power wire under the dashboard. There will also be an "Earth wire" or Negative ground wire for the neon under car lights that will need to be securely screwed to the chassis of the vehicle, or to any "Earth wire" to complete the power circuit. The on-off switch should be mounted in a convenient location on the dash and within your reach. Wiring for the switch can be run through a grommet in the firewall, into the engine compartment where it can be connected to the battery. The switch and fuse, that will be included in your neon under car lights kit, should be connected between the transformer and the power supply. All you need to do now is to plug all the neon tubes into the transformer and complete any additional wiring according to your kit instructions and then you'll be all set to show em off! Please see our "More-In-depth" and step-by-step picture illustrated instructions on How to install Neon under car lights onto your vehicle.

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Written by: Antonio Gabellone

. (26)Anyone Can Clean their Car, but What About those Cloudy, Yellow Headlights?


It is a very common occurence. We see then every day. Its like a disease - yellow, cloudy headlight lenses. I even saw them on cars at the local carwash. It befuddled me that these people would take such great care - washing, vacuuming the interior, removing the floor mats and even hand drying their cars, but they still had those yellowed, cloudy headlights. Its not just a problem on old, very used cars. It is prevalent on 2 - 3 year old cars also. It doesn't matter if it is a Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, or a Porsche.

When questioned, most said they couldn't afford, or didn't want to pay the high prices of replacements from their local auto dealer. The average price for a pair of replacement plastic headlights at local auto dealerships was around $450 - that didn't even include installation and alignment (that would be another $60-120). Aftermarket headlights do exist, but have received mixed reviews, and the savings aren't that great, quality and fit is lagging, and then you still had to have them installed and aligned. And for what so you can do it again in another year or two?

There is another solution, there is a patented headlight cleaner and restorer kit. Its under $20, much less expensive than replacement lenses, and it works!

Plastic headlight lenses are the norm in the automotive industry now - every car has them. Some have fancy names like plexan and Lexan, but they all have the same problems. The sun, acid rain, harsh weather conditions, chemicals (brake fluid, power steering fluid, hot radiator fluids, hot water, harsh cleaners, etc...) will all cause the plastic lenses to degrade and weaken quickly. Some manufacturers have gone to including a protective film on the lenses. Regardless, they are all susceptible to this weakening and yellowing over time.

With this headlight cleaner and restorer even junk yard car lenses have been restored to brand new. These same lenses used to be discarded and now have become new profit centers for salvage yards all over. The treatment is applied to the exterior of the headlight lens where the damage is worst and it doesn't take a mechanic to do it.

It is easy to do, doesn't take very long, and the results are fantastic. So there is a very economic solution to the problem of yellow, cloudy, worn headlights. There's no excuse now to not have sparkling clean headlights. Car dealerships everywhere are using headlight cleaner and restorer on their cars and you can too.

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Written by: David Maillie

(27)Are You Comfortable Driving Your Car?.

How much time do you spend driving in an average week? Consider the commute to and from work, the grocery store, trips out of town. Does it hurt your back just thinking about it? When choosing a car, comfort should be one of your top priorities. Another priority for those daily drives, long and short - how the car handles on tight curves or on steep inclines. Maybe your top priority is really just a solid, dependable car that you can trust.

Lincoln Brand town car is all of these things and more. Known for its roominess and classic design, the full and mid-size luxury sedans promise safe consistent rides and a name you can trust. Whether it’s the American dream you are looking for, total comfort for your daily driving, or solid dependability of a company with a long history, you have found all of these in a new Lincoln.

With updated looks for 2009, Lincoln sedans are a popular choice among drivers wanting both luxury and durability. All models have a powerful engine and standard aluminum wheels. And for 2009, cars can be ordered in the new body-colors Light Ice Blue Clearcoat Metallic and Norsea Blue Clearcoat Metallic.

Not only is the Lincoln a looker, but it’s safety ratings are great. Beautiful – and safe. When you choose a Lincoln, you are choosing a car that reflects you and your family both at home in your neighborhood and at work. Give them the best impression possible. Looks and brains with safety a top priority.

In fact, the safety features are quite extensive. Town cars are equipped with dual-stage front airbags, and side-impact airbags. In addition, antilock brakes are standard in all models.

Other standard features on the Lincoln sedans include:

▪ Power driver seats
▪ Automatic climate control
▪ Power adjustable pedals
▪ Child safety door locks
▪ Vehicle Anti-Theft
▪ Traction control
▪ Trunk Anti-Trap Device
▪ Power Windows
▪ Keyless entry


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Find used and new Lincoln information, reviews and more at

Written by: Lincoln Fan

:(28)Are You In The Market For a Car Loan?

Car loans are a tempting way to purchase a new car. While they provide for easy access to a car, these loans can get quite expensive if you do not know enough about what you are getting into. Simple research will provide you with information that can save you some real expenses. Even if you are getting a used car loan or a car title loan, you need to understand what you are getting into.

Most of the time, when a buyer enters a car dealership, they already have an understanding of what they are looking for in a car and how much they can spend. But, how much research was given to the loan you may be picking up in the process? Choosing this wisely, is key to getting a good deal on a car. To find information, consider looking at different lenders and different dealerships. You do not have to get the loan through the dealership. You may be able to get one, at a lower cost, through your own bank especially if you have developed a good relationship with them.

Being aware of how much the interest rate is like being away of the gas mileage on that new car. You need to ask questions and be prepared with answers. For instance, you may be looking to purchase a used car and therefore would be looking into a used car loan. The car you choose and want to purchase will cost you 5000 paid over the next 5 years. But, what happens 3 years into the picture? The car isn't worth the amount you still owe on it because the interest rate was so high or you didn't make a down payment.

Consider the situation there. You have a loan and a run down car that may or may not have been worth it. Add into this a bad credit used car loan, with even higher interest rates and fees, and you are really hurting.

The car loan you choose should be one that reflects your credit, the car, and your understanding of the loan. Perhaps you can pay an additional amount of money a month, and cut the interest rate down over the course of the loan. Researching your options, good or bad credit, will give you more of an understanding of what's available. Simply check online (or search online) for lenders that can offer you quotes for the type of loan you are looking for. Undoubtedly, you will find many options. You will have companies competing for your business now. Choose wisely, and based on your research.

Mike Yeager


Written by: Mike Yeager

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