(77)Finance and Divorce Are Your Finances Prepared For Divorce?

Life is hard and nothing is more testing and straining than going through a divorce. A divorce can indeed be a stressful time without the added pressures on ones finances. Besides emotional erosion, a divorce is also known to be a costly event in a person's life; however provisions can be made by both parties to ensure that the financial strain incurred through divorce is made to be an equally-shared responsibility.
The best way to ensure that your divorce does not put a strain on your finances is to be realistic. What are the objectives or goals to be reached financially? People often are so used to sharing their finances when they are married that the prospect of divorce leaves them feeling confused as to what they own as an individual.
EA Builder Initially couples have to embrace the fact that they are individuals and so are their finances. They are individual finances. By calculating what each person is worth or has contributed to the relationship often helps solve the problem.
The thing to do is to get help from a professional finance advisor who can aid you in this. By doing this, you are being realistic about the financial implications of a divorce. Lawyer fees can be more expensive than expected if the divorce drags out endlessly because as a couple you cannot reach an agreement. If you don't want to do this for your partner as a gesture of decency, then at least do it for your own financial future.
The tragic thing about this whole ordeal is that couples are often so bitter that they cannot see through their own disappointment. Instead they opt for a full on war with each other and forget what this war costs them in terms of personal finance. Maybe people should learn to more realistic: once it is over it is over. Pack your bags and move on; save yourself from the bills that will come on after, leaving you in a financial mess that might take too long to sort out.
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Written by: Brad J. Tamitnowson

(78)Finance And Lifestyle - Are They Interlinked?

When it comes to lifestyle, many debates spark up. Many people have their own idea of what lifestyle really is. But it is clear that finance and lifestyle need to co-exist in some form.
In order for you to afford a certain lifestyle, you need to be in the right financial standing. If your lifestyle consists of buying the latest fashion, then it is clear that you have or should have a certain amount of money. If you don't have enough money to maintain this lifestyle, then you need to stop spending the money.
If you have a vision of what your ideal lifestyle should be, then it is time you made your finances fit that reality. No amount of dreaming will make things come true. There has to be some form of practicality also, as money can go and debt can rise.
Do not assume that a certain lifestyle is adequate for you just because the magazines tell you so. The first thing to do is to take a look at your finances and see if they will be able to support the lifestyle depicted by the magazine or your friends.
The common mistake that most people make is that they think they have more money than they actually have. So they spend more on their ideal lifestyle just because it is a status symbol.
The philosophy is this: if they see that I am wearing so and so or driving such and such a car, then they will not see that my finances are in the red. Finance is the first thing you need to consider when you opt for a certain lifestyle.
You will only look silly if your financial situation deteriorates so badly that your house gets repossessed and you have to file for bankruptcy. Live within your means and your finance and lifestyle will be able to take care of each other.
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Written by: Brad J. Tamitnowson

(79)Finance Forums,UK Finance Forum,Finance Message Boards,Business & Finance Forums,Online Finance Advice UK
Seek.UK launches a Finance forum!

Finance Forums,UK Finance Forum,Finance Message Boards,Business & Finance Forums,Online Finance Advice UK
Seek.UK launches a Finance forum!

London (Seek UK) January 16, 2009 - Seek, one of UK's leading financial directories has launched its Finance forum

The Seek finance forum is a platform that gives netizens an opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and opinions on various matters related to finance. Whether you have a particular belief about a certain financial issue or have had a personal experience that you would like to share with others, then Seek Finance forum is the right place to visit.

This forum not only gives you a medium to give voice to your opinions but also gives you an opportunity to Seek expert advice from financial advisers. You can post your queries on the forum for which you will receive expert answers from the forum's moderators.
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So, if you have any doubts related to any monetary subject be it Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Investments, Pensions, Taxes or any other Finance related matters, then you can voice it on the Seek forum.

Besides all this, the Seek forum features a number of Articles and Press Releases with the intention of keeping you updated with the latest developments in the finance world.

What's more, the Seek finance Forum also provides you with a list of major financial companies that deal with a myriad of financial services.

The Seek forum is completely free of charge. You don't have to pay a single penny and you can get heard throughout the net zone.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Webmaster or visit You can also place in your feedbacks related to the above topic on the web address given above.

About UK Finance directory helps you to find wide range of finance services including secured unsecured loans, mortgages, re-mortgages, insurance, credit cards, life & pension, investments, finance advice and business services in UK.


Webmaster, SEEK UK 0808-160-2576

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:(80)Finance guide basics.

Every one or rather almost every one in this world would definitely want to have his or her future secured. Thus, every person who earns even a bit would like to save some of the money and this is where the topic of personal financial management comes into picture. Whatever be your purpose of saving money, it needs to be regulated and updated.
Investment in stock markets is one option for the same. With the advancement in technology and thereby, in means of communication (for instance, the internet), the behavioural pattern of the stock markets can be known within an instant of time. Moreover, as the presence of the stock markets being in every country, one can see the maximum numbers of investments all over the world are made here.
Another option where you can regulate your finances is by buying stocks. It is argued that although they are the diciest and most fickle instruments for investments, they can bring tremendous returns in the long run and can even leave you resistant to the rate of inflation. By owning a particular amount of stock, one is deemed to be the owner of a certain value of a company i.e. the more stock is owned by you the more faction of the company is in your hands. The prices of the stock ca change in accordance with all the factors affecting the stock markets for instance, economic, cultural and business trends.
Often it is seen that we tend to leave the saving for college and retirement till the last minute and then certain unwilling consequences have to be borne. College planning resembles retirement planning. There are bound to be questions in one's mind like how much one should save for such kind of expenses etc. it is recommended that where the planning for retirement should start in one's early twenties, the planning for college should start right from the birth of the child. It is agreed by many that early planning and savings can be of huge benefits in the long run. Planning for the college will include looking for various colleges for alternatives, tuition fees and any extra expenditure that might occur at the time for sending a child to the college. Starting all this early enough will provide adequate time to the parents to look for availing loan facilities and decide their strategy accordingly. Retirement, which is inevitable, has to be planned on the similar lines as that of the college planning. Starting early and being realistic are the keys for such kind of planning. Starting early means to start soon after one has completed his or her graduation. By being realistic it is intended to convey that one has to save according to one's requirement of the kind of life proposed to be lived after the retirement. This is to say that one has to focus on the facts basically, for instance, if one plans to live like a king with housemaids serving all the time and a castle like house then one has to save much more than a person who chooses to live a modest life with a simple house and an off-hand vacation.
Hence, you should manage your finances cautiously with investing in the right thing at the right time and saving money for the right time, because surely, time is money!!
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