(121)How online Surveys Financed my First Web Site!..

Online surveys alone financed my first web site. Getting paid to take these online surveys is a win-win situation. Large companies want your opinion on their products and services and they are willing to pay you for it. These online surveys give them good insight into their target market, people like you, so they win. You win by getting paid for your time. It all started about 5 months ago when I had finally decided I wanted to start my own online business. I have a full time job, a stay at home wife, and a 15 month old baby boy. I had no extra money, as you can imagine, and didn't want to risk my hard earned salary without knowing if this venture would work. With no idea on how to go about starting an online business and with no startup capital, I did what all web surfers do; I surfed, and I surfed, and I surfed.
During the course of my research I ran across some ads for taking online surveys and getting paid for it. I was skeptical at first, but when I researched the companies that offered online surveys I found a few that were for real. So I signed up with 3 of the sites.
Once you sign up you fill out some easy questionnaires about yourself so the survey company can match you with one of their clients looking for your demographic profile (e.g. age, sex, where you live, what you do, etc...). Easy enough, still free, I filled out my profiles and that was it, they let me know that they would contact me when a survey that fit my profile was available. Without skipping a beat I went back to my research. It was becoming more and more evident that I would need to learn a lot more before starting my own Internet business. I decided that for any business venture you should be as prepared as possible. And I still had no extra money to even give it a try. I was still in my hunting and gathering phase.
Then one night while surfing the net, I got an email telling me that a $10 survey was waiting for me. Great! I logged into my account at the survey site and clicked the link to start the survey. It took me about 20 minutes. This particular survey company pays directly to your PayPal account (it took a couple weeks to see the money, but I did see it.)
I was hooked. Over the next several months I received more surveys. There are times when you don't qualify for a survey. This could even happen a couple times in a row. Don't worry they will keep sending them and you will qualify for a lot of them. About 4 weeks ago I decided I knew enough about web sites, web site hosting, web site promotion, newsletters, and most of the basics of starting my own site. So I logged into my PayPal and found $32 (all from surveys), and logged into my other 2 survey sites, $20 dollars in one account and $45 in the other. I had my startup money! Taking these surveys enabled me to start my own business online using only the money I made online. No out of pocket money was needed to set up my site, get my domain name and start a hosting plan. In reality this is more than enough money to start a website backed business. I used only my PayPal money to set up my web site, and not all of it. Yesterday, I deposited $40 of survey money into my checking account and then transferred it to my PayPal account. I now have a little war chest for financing my online business. Online survey companies (the real ones) don't charge you to join, don't spam you when you do (I only get invitations from them, nothing else), and pay you when your done. It can take up to 4 weeks to get paid (sometimes less sometimes more). For me this was not a problem since I was not yet knowledgeable enough to start my web site. I still spend most of my time surfing and learning but I also understand the concept and dangers of procrastination. I did take my time getting started based solely on financial reasons, now that I have the money to get started that is exactly what I am doing, getting started!
I want you all to know that making money online is a reality. Surveys will make you money, I still take them as soon as they hit my inbox, but you will not be able to quit your day job. If you don't give up and hang in there you can start your own web business without touching any offline money. If you don't want to start a business then buy yourself or someone a gift with the money you earn. It truly is easy money!

About the author:
Jason Glicken - Editor - The Affiliate Journal
Copyright 2009 - All Rights Reserved.
Create start up capital completing FREE surveys online.
www.theaffiliatejournal .com
Better to be a doer than a dreamer...
Written by: Jason Glicken

(122)How Small Businesses Can Outperform Well-financed Competitors

Online, Big Corporations spends huge amount of money on, site building, online survey, advertising, search engine optimization, etc., to attract traffic. But they cannot reach all online surfers, they cannot give them one-on-one customer support.
This is where you come in.
Without spending a fraction of Big Corporation's huge expenses, you can beat them flat, and have a better, profitable online business.
Listed below are the do-able steps you are to follow. Remember, all the steps become a child play when you apply the right tools.
(1.)Develop A Valuable Product Or Service: This could be your own creation or someone else's. Your product must be in hot demand, what people are looking for, and what they are willing to pay for. This is the foundation of your business. It determines whether you succeed or not.
(2.)Develop Your Own Site In The Niche That You Know And Love: You need a professional website that tells the world what you are offering. Even though you can hire a professional to do this, to enhance your credibility, it could be very expensive.
With multi-functional tools like SiteBuildIt! you can do site building, site hosting, site marketing all together at a minimal cost, without HTML, programming skills or any extra software.
The products/services offered on your site must be in the area that you know, your hobby, your life or work experience.
(3.)Fill Your Site With High-Value Content: Online surfers are looking for information on various issues bordering them, and they don't usually know who or what they are looking for.
How glad and relieved they are when they find a site providing exactly what they want, or more. They don't care whether the site is built by a Big Corporation or an internet dummy they go for the info and products on the site.
Do a lot of research on the products/services you are offering and your target market and bring out high-value content that overdelivers to your site visitors.
(4.)Use Your Content To Attract Your Own Niche-Targeted Traffic: This is what Big Corporation don't do, and is what you can do with the right tools. Your content should be search-engine friendly. Most surfers look for information from search engines, let it be your own that they find by working towards making your site's pages included in the top 10-20 results.
You can use your content together with any other simple, easy to use business building tool to get search engine optimization, free targeted traffic from around the world, through search engines.
(5.)Use Your Content To Presell Your Targeted Visitors: You need to develop trust and cofidence with your visitors by writing your site content with their best interest in mind, not just writing sales letters.
They must see you as a solution provider, a business consultant, a helper not a salesman. This is the art of preselling, it works far better than filling your site with flashing banners.
(6.)Convert Your Presold Traffic Into Sales Or Contract: Create an "open-to-buy" mindset and smoothly introduces your visitors to your monetizations offers. Let them know that your products/services is the solution to their problems.
They are more inclined to buy from you now because they have come to trust you as a friend offering them a valuable gift.
You may need "Make your Content Presell" a book by Ken Envoy to help sharpen your skills in the art of e-persuasion.
(7.)Diversify Your Revenue Plan: (ex., Google Adsense, Affiliate income, Referrer/finder arrangement, other models, etc.), all related to your site's theme-based content.
The process is simple, information first income generation second.

About the Author
TopeNelson Ola is a Business Building and Marketing Expert. His website located at reveals the tools and processes for unequal online business success and making multiple streams of income. You can also download free ebooks on Netwriting, Trafficking,etc.

Written by: TopeNelson Ola

(123)How To Choose The Right Havanese For You!.

The sweet, playful expression of the Havanese has caught your eye. You are hooked by their fluffy fur and affection. You excitedly scope the classifieds and internet for a Havanese breeder. You can't wait to bring home a new puppy today!
Slow down. Take a moment and breath. Don't be too quick with your decision. It is optimal to find a Havanese that has the personality, physicality, and connection that is top notch. Therefore, it is beneficial to take the following factors into account before selecting your specific Havanese.

While purchasing a new dog can be emotional, do not let your emotions outweigh your practical side. You will have your dog for their entire life which can be close to 20 years with a Havanese. Therefore, you want to make sure that you find the Havanese that is going to fit in with your family and enjoy its new home. You must think about your dog's needs as well as your own.

Set a goal to make an informed decision when choosing your Havanese. The following are some of the issues you need to take into account when you are faced with several different sweet Havanese puppies to choose from.

The issues you should consider when searching for a Havanese include:

* finding a high quality breeder This is probably one of the most if not the most important considerations to make before you choose your Havanese Puppy. Choosing the wrong breeder may mean you either buy a puppy that is not Pure Havanese, or one which may not be as healthy as you would like and end up costing you enormous in Vet bills.

* male versus female This, for many remains a personal decision. Whether you prefer a Male or Female Havanese puppy is up to you and what you are looking for in a puppy.

* age of the Havanese There are many owners who for some reason or another no longer want their Havanese and give them up. This means there are many older Havanese dogs that are waiting for a new owner. You have a choice when you buy your Havanese. You can either choose to buy a puppy or rescue an older dog.

* temperament/personality When you visit each Puppy you are trying to choose between, you will certainly notice that they each have their own personality. You will need to have an idea as to what temperament or personality you are looking for in your new puppy.

* health of the Havanese To save you expensive Vet bills and possibly heartache, it is important that the Havanese you choose is as healthy as can be. This also goes back to making sure you choose the right Havanese breeder.

These are practical issues that must be evaluated so as to avoid any troubling situations or unmet expectations in the future.

About the author:

Fiona Kelly is a passionate Havanese owner that has uncovered exactly how to have the perfect, happy, healthy and best behaved Havanese. If you're interested in the Havanese then you must visit her web site at e.html The Author grants you permission to re-print or re-publish this article so long as it remains unchanged and all links remain present and active.
Written by: Fiona Kelly

:(124)How to clean up your personal finances...


Are you one of those people who doesn’t open their bank or credit card statements? Do you take out store cards on the spur of the moment? Have you been with the same bank simply because it is less hassle than changing?
If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, fear not confused consumer, help is at hand, with some assistance from a few internet tools.

* Internet tool number one:

** The consumer champion site for personal finance information

Websites such as, and have proved extremely popular with consumers. is more geared towards the US market, whilst focuses on the UK market. Both have an extremely diverse selection of information from investment and high risk options to personal finance and low risk options. There are extensive discussion boards, newsletter subscriptions, finance calculators and competitions. These sites not only answer your questions, they make you want to ask more., and are community based sites and function on consumers exchanging information between themselves, whether that’s about passing on recommendations or expressing concerns. The article “Ten Reasons To Fear The Future” by Cliff D’Arcy” on is a particularly good introduction to the financial aspects of modern life.

Martin Lewis has almost become a household name in the UK through his website Moneysavingexpert. The outspoken journalist and presenter offers a comprehensive resource on a range of personal finance topics. If you can put up with the cheesey photos of Mr Lewis and his catalogue poses, you will undoubtedly find this site extremely helpful.

* Internet tool number two:

** The price comparison site for personal finance information

Kelkoo, and (US) are now commonly exploited by consumers to ensure they are getting the best deal on their purchases. However, it is probably fair to say that more people shop around for clothes and music, than they do for their personal finance products, which is worrying as these cost significantly more.

* Internet tool number three:

** Online banking and account aggregation tools

The internet can be a scary thing and there is still much scaremongering about online security. However your details are often as secure online, as they are offline and providing you choose and hide your password effectively – there should not be a problem with people accessing your confidential information. Choose a password of eight characters or more, preferably replacing some letters with numbers, such “1nternet” or “passw0rd”.

Set yourself up with online accounts and you can proactively manage your finances yourself, without waiting for statements through the post or call centre agents to take your query. You can also save yourself bank charges by transferring funds yourself over the internet. Some banks charge large amounts for transferring funds when you can do it for no additional cost at all.

Personal finance doesn’t have to be about debt and the efficient co-ordination of funds may save you hundreds of pounds in the long-term.


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Rachel would be really interested to get feedback on whether anyone actually reads this section. Rachel has written about living in straw huts, having the ‘Best Hits of 1987’ in her music collection, eating Green and Blacks chocolate and the fact that on her left foot - her second toe is bigger than her big toe. If someone feels like rescuing Rachel from obscurity, she would be grateful for an e-mail out of here.
Rachel also writes for the personal finance blog Cashzilla – A mighty personalfinanosaurus lives here - rargh
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