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  Online brokers negotiate financing deals with several lenders. This may mean that you can find a better deal through their site than by working with the lender. Not all mortgage brokers guarantee the lowest refinancing rates, so you should also compare brokers.

Understanding Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers specialize in finding financing. They work with many lenders to offer you several financing choices. They partner with traditional banks as well as thrift institutions, credit unions, and mortgage companies. They can even connect you with subprime lenders if you have poor credit.

Not all brokers call themselves "mortgage brokers." But any site that offers bids from more than one lending company is a broker. Make sure you know if you are dealing with a broker, since this will affect your closing costs.

Brokers collect a fee for each loan they refer to a lender. Sometimes you will pay this fee as part of the closing costs, other times it will come out of the mortgage company's fees. Even with the additional expense of a fee, brokers can usually find you better deals than if you shop alone.

Working With Broker Sites

Online broker sites enable you to make quick comparisons from basic financial information that you provide. Usually, you will need a general idea of your credit score, loan amount, and down payment. The quote you receive gives you a rough idea of rates and closing costs.

Take the time to check with a couple of broker sites to find the best deal. Each broker works with different lenders and negotiates unique deals. Spending a few extra minutes analyzing quotes can save you thousands in interest costs.

Taking The Next Step

Once you have narrowed your choices down for refinancing, request a detailed quote from the lender. This will require the financing company to look at your credit score. You don't want to request too many detailed quotes, since your credit score is temporarily lowered every time a lender makes a credit inquiry.

The detailed quotes will list rate along with terms, such as required points. Even with this accurate quote, it can change hourly based on market indexes and bank rates. If you find a good deal, it is best to act on it quickly to lock in rates.

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(170)Mortgage Loan Information - Know The Basics When You Refinance or Purchase a Home


If you are currently looking for a new home, chances are that in all the excitement you won’t really give any thought to the type of home loan mortgage you take out, instead going with the first one offered to you. This could be a serious mistake – costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands. Make sure you know all about the different types of home mortgage loans before you starting looking for that new dream home!

Here are some of the basic types of mortgage loans:

Fixed-rate home loan mortgage -

As the name suggests, this is a plain-vanilla home loan. Basically you borrow a certain amount over a certain period at a fixed rate of interest. You then pay the same monthly installments for the life of the home loan. The benefit of a fixed-rate home loan is that you can easily budget for the repayments. The downfall of a fixed-rate home loan is that you could end up paying a higher rate of interest than everyone else – no one knows what interest rates will be in 15-20 years time!

Adjustable-rate home loan mortgage -

Mirroring the fixed-rate mortgage is the adjustable-rate mortgage. Again, you borrow a certain amount over a certain period, however in this case the interest rate is not fixed, but is adjustable (or ‘floating’ as you may also hear it called). The upside to adjustable-rate home loans is that the interest rate at the start of the loan period can be lower than the fixed rate would be. The downside is that it is difficult to budget for, as the amount can change, and you are at the mercy of something outside of your control – interest rate fluctuations, which can change quickly.

Hybrid home loan mortgages -

Trying to fill the void left with the downside of the fixed and adjustable/variable-rate home loans, the hybrid home loan lets you fix the interest rate over the first part of the home loan, and then switch to an adjustable/variable rate later. The upside of hybrid home loans is that they allow you to budget for your repayments during the expensive time when you first buy the home. The downside is that if floating rates are much higher than your fixed rate when the switch happens, you could find you are paying a much higher repayment each month.

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Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website about various types of loans. The site has informative articles and the latest finance news.

Written by: Carrie Reeder

(171)Mortgage Refinance: 4 Ways To Know It's Time to Refinance Your House.


You may want to refinance your home for several reasons.
1)Mortgage Rates might be lower now. The biggest reason that people refinance their mortgages is to save money. No matter what has happened to you, there is always a good reason to start saving money. A lower rate on your mortgage can help you stretch out the payments so that every month you are paying less to live in your house than the previous month. When interest rates are low and you had previously locked your mortgage into a higher price, it might be a good idea to shop your rate around to see how low you can get it. The early 2009's have been an environment of very low mortgage rates which make it a good idea to shop around to see if you can refinance your mortgage.
2)You need money and need to stretch out your payments. Maybe you've recently filed for bankruptcy and therefore need more money to get back on your feet. Maybe you've switched jobs and therefore need to refinance your mortgage in order to make your monthly payments lower. No matter what people say, it's always a good idea to have more money in your pocket than less, isn't it? Refinancing your mortgage might be a good idea in this situation.
3)There may be better deals out there than you think there are. Finding a new mortgage company or bank to refinance your mortgage might be a good idea just to kick the tires of the industry and see if you could get a better deal. If you've been spending a lot of money and paying off the balances on your credit card on a monthly basis there is a significant chance that your credit score has increase recently. An overall better credit score is better for everyone including your lenders. If a new lender sees that your credit score has increased recently, she might be in a much better position to give you a better deal on your mortgage than you think. She could refinance your mortgage by shopping the deal around at more banks and finding the best one for you. Shop your refinancing around, it can't hurt.
4)Mortgage refinancing as a sound business decision. If you own a small business of any sort and need a capital infusion, then investigating mortgage refinancing might be a very smart thing to do. If your business is truly small and you run it out of your house, then the line between your personal and business expenses might be thinner than you are reasonably comfortable with. Clearing up a little extra capital, through refinancing your home, every month might be the difference between investing in some new small equipment and not investing. Everything that is an expense should be lowered if possible. Refinancing a mortgage might be a fantastic idea to increase capital reserves and to plan for future investments. Many business owners who work out of their homes constantly try to decrease their monthly payments so that when it comes time to pay their business bills, they have a little extra capital. Always check with a CPA or attorney to determine what is deductible and what isn't. But, more money is more money, even if you are lending it from yourself to your business.
Mortgage refinance can clearly be of good use in many situations. No Minimum Payout About the Author
Richard Martin is a contributing writer at has Vioxx and injury lawyer articles.

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(172)Mortgage Refinance After Bankruptcy!


If you are considering remortgaging your home after Bankruptcy, there are many factors to consider in the decision making process. Here we discuss some of the essentials topics that will enable you to decide if releasing equity from your home is your best option.

Becoming bankrupt

If you are in a bad debt situation and are thinking of declaring yourself bankrupt, then the first thing you should do is get legal and financial advice to make sure that this is your best option. Don't leap ahead to thinking about refinancing after bankruptcy if you haven't even decided if bankruptcy is the best thing for you.

Once you have taken the decision to become bankrupt, or you have been declared bankrupt by your creditors, you will need to take some time to deal with the immediate consequences of bankruptcy and work out your next moves. Think about what you want to achieve in the future. If your house has had to be sold, or part-sold in order to clear your debts, then you may want to look into mortgage refinance after bankruptcy so that you can see what your options are.

My options

If you have been declared bankrupt, but your period of bankruptcy has ended because all your debts have been cleared, you can look at your options for the future. These might include:

-Employment. If you were self-employed before bankruptcy, then you may want to consider being an employee. This can remove the stress of self-employed earnings and can also put you in a better position when it comes to applying for loans or mortgage refinance after bankruptcy.

-Debt. The experience of being declared bankrupt should have convinced you to take a different attitude to debt, and make sound financial plans, with help and advice where needed, to ensure that you don't run into such big problems again.

-Restrictions. Expect some restrictions to be placed on you, even though you have been discharged from bankruptcy. Most credit applications will ask if you have ever been declared bankrupt and you must answer honestly. Your chances of getting a loan at standard rates may be affected by your bankruptcy for some time.

-Advice. Even after your period of bankruptcy is over, it is worth retaining some of the advisers you had to use. Not only will they know your financial background, but they should be well-placed to advise you in the future.

Getting Advice

If you are thinking about mortgage refinance after bankruptcy, then all the above considerations apply to you. A mortgage lender will want to know that you are serious about not returning to a position of bad debt and they will also be reassured if you are in full or part-time employment. There will be restrictions placed on you because of your credit history and you will need professional mortgage advice to ensure that you get the best mortgage product for your needs. If you don't already have a mortgage adviser, then talk to an experienced mortgage broker who can talk you through the mortgage refinance products that are available to you, and advise you on how to approach your application to get the best results. Whilst getting mortgage refinance after bankruptcy is a good idea, because it can give you access to lower interest rates than some other mortgage deals, you will need to take advice to make sure it's the right route at the right time.

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Elizabeth Grant writes exclusively for The Mortgage Broker specialist websites. To read more of Elizabeth's articles on Adverse Credit Mortgages please visit the Adverse Mortgage Centre.

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