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Credibility of OQASA

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Management capacity: Strong credibility as professionally managed. Indeed, a group of educated, trained, experienced, committed and dynamic persons are going to lead OQASA. It believes professionalism in principle and practices, blending the spirit of voluntarism in it. It recognizes, strengthening of technical and institutional capacity and organizational development of OQASA as key thrust area, for which it has been striving hard to excel in these endeavors.

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 Professional expertise and competency: Sound expertise in project formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, reporting and documentation including research and development studies. Its plan is to have a team of professionals having very good experiences in the field of mobilization, community health and nutrition, education, micro-finance, livelihood, and agriculture.

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Expertise in training and capacity building: OQASA is establishing a group of trainers having sound experiences and expertise in participatory training on wide range of subject agriculture, behavioral change communication, counseling, community health and nutrition, gender, Health, micro-finance, micro-planning, panchayati Raj, research methodology, capacity building, training of trainers, women leadership/empowerment, water and sanitation, and need-based training.

 Management of finance: Sound and effective management of finance and mobilization of resources and its efficient use are prime areas of strength. It maintains highest form of transparency, accountability and integrity in all financial dealings. It has educated and experienced Accountant for its internal and external audit. It follows standard guidelines and principles for management of accounts besides, adopting financial guidelines of its funding partners. OQASA can manage any amount of finance very effectively.

Networking and cooperation: We are establishing a wide network and linkages with many organizations and individuals in both public and private sector. OQASA is going to establish very wide networking and cooperation with many national level agencies.

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