Climate Changes Updates 1-3 December 2015

Climate Changes Updates 1-3 December  2015

1.     Obama ends Paris climate visit with spotlight on legacy

2.     How Climate Negotiations Proceed: Just Like an Action Movie

3.     Whales under threat as climate change impacts migration

4.     Congress rebukes climate rules as Obama returns from Paris

5.     Climate change threatens US influence

6.     Editorial: Stanford and others should join UC in Gates’ climate fund

7.           West Coast thinking globally, acting locally on climate change

8.     Obama Says Parts of Climate Deal Must Be Legally Binding

9.     More Exxon Documents Show How Much It Knew About Climate 35 Years Ago

10.           Women are the victims of climate change – and the keys to climate action

11.           When nations step up for the global commons

12.           Climate Confidential

13.           Businesses Awaken To The Opportunities Of Action On Climate Change

14.           U.S. and China — team players so far in climate talks

15.Votes in Congress Move to Undercut Climate Pledge

16.           John Kerry on Climate Change: The Fight of Our Time

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Technology that could disrupt the course of climate change

18.           Paris climate talks: Indian officials accuse OECD of exaggerating climate aid

19.           Protecting forests must become the norm in supply chains: Prince Charles

20. Forests in spotlight at Paris climate talks

21.           Chasing a Climate Deal in Paris

22.           Putin’s 12-Year Flip-Flop On Climate Change And Other Significant Digits From Paris

23.           World Leaders Must Listen to Pope Francis on Climate Change

24.           Obama Claims Fish Swim In Miami Streets Because Of Climate Change — There’s Only One Problem

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25.           Glenn Reynolds: The climate change jet set

26.           Could climate change affect crime?

27.           Climate change and its impact at home–360195011.html

28.           Don’t Forget That Climate Change Strengthens ISIS

29.           How climate change has damaged the planet

30.           China’s recent smog gets the attention, but climate change, more broadly, could have a major impact there

31.           Elon Musk: Climate change could cause ‘more destruction than all the wars in history combined’

32.           Obama’s Organizing for Action Group: ‘Call Out the Climate Change Deniers’

33.           Bill Nye Tells You What You Need to Know About Climate Change

34. Climate change already impacting migration patterns around the world

35.           USDA Report Warns Climate Change Likely to Impede Progress on Global Food Security

36.           10 Things You Can Do To Help Slow Climate Change

37.           This is why sowing doubt about climate change is such an effective strategy

38. Chennai Rain Crisis ‘Full-Blown’ Outcome of Global Warming, Say Experts

39.           Hurricane-free Florida Hurricane Season and “Global Warming”

40. Global warming: depletion of oxygen far greater threat than flooding

41.           World Leaders Are Not Going to Solve Global Warming. You Are.

42.           Global warming can lead to economic development

43.           Ted Cruz To Convene Congressional Hearing To Examine Claims Of Global Warming Activists

44.           Should we be aiming to keep global warming to 1.5C, not 2C?

45.           Top Ten Things Global Warming Caused Besides Terrorism

46.           UK ‘among worst offenders’ when it comes to emissions behind global warming

47.           Global warming and group think

48.           Paper: China Can’t Be Trusted To Fight Global Warming

49.           GOP lawmaker tries to get answers on global warming study


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