Climate Changes Updates 1-4 November 2015

Climate Changes Updates 1-4 November  2015

1. Americans Largely Unconcerned About Climate Change, Survey Finds

2. Climate change poses ‘major threat’ to food security, warns UN expert

3.          Opinion: Aging homes offer Alberta climate change opportunity

4. Climate change: Robust EU engagement at Paris crucial

5.   Three quarters of Australians believe climate change is real; views on cause correspond with world view, voting patterns: CSIRO report

6.   How will climate change affect northern Minnesota?

7.   Teens sue government to push for action on climate change

8. Apple, Google, Microsoft among companies with biggest climate change credentials

Senate Dems concerned about health risks of climate change


11.             Why Kids Are Suing the Department of Ecology Over Climate Change

12.             Weatherman fired for climate change book

13.             Gore Calls for Exxon Mobil Inquiry on Climate Change

14.             Study: Small and mid-size businesses aren’t prepared for climate change

15.             Sugar and scale and all things frail in climate change show

16.             Grape Sunscreen And Heat-Resistant Crops For Winemakers Coping With Climate Change

17.             French weatherman fired for promoting book sceptical of climate change

18.             Climate Change Is Apparently Bad for American Sex Lives

19.             Potent greenhouse gases should have no place in our air conditioning units

  1. Setting higher standards

21.             Faced with climate change, Ethiopia rediscovers an ancient staple crop

22.             The Costs of Solar Energy to the Environment

23.             A Missing Report On Exxon Mobil And Climate Change

24.             New York Prepares for Up to 6 Feet of Sea Level Rise

25.                     Congressmen Call on SEC to Investigate Exxon’s Climate Disclosures

26.             US youths sue over climate inaction

27.             Between Extremes: Health Effects of Heat and Cold

28.             A Tale of Two Northern European Cities:
Meeting the Challenges of Sea Level Rise

29.                     Three quarters of Australians believe climate change is real; views on cause correspond with world view, voting patterns: CSIRO report

30.             Americans Largely Unconcerned About Climate Change, Survey Finds

31.             CSIRO survey: Most Coalition voters reject humans to blame for climate change

Surprising study finds that solar energy can also cause climate change (a little)

33.             State funds for climate change research sponsor criticized

34.             Climate change fuels cod collapse


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