Indonesia reveals draft climate offer for 2030

Climate Changes Updates 1-4 October  2015

1.     Countries divided on priorities for UN climate deal

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2.     Obama makes Arctic appeal for action on climate

3.     Arctic countries vow ‘urgent action’ to slow polar melt

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4.     Dutch government to appeal court ruling on climate change

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5.     UN chief to speed climate talks with New York leaders meet

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6.     Ex-BP chief to advise oil giants on climate strategy

7.     Investors urge businesses to quit climate-unfriendly EU lobby groups

8.     Climate pledges do little to cap warming to 2C target

9.     Google lays bare overlooked deforestation ‘hotspots’

10.                        Greener cities deal better with urban heat

11.                        Pakistan frontier province targets carbon neutrality by 2018

12.                        Pressure mounting on UN as Bonn climate talks stutter

13.                        Indonesia reveals draft climate offer for 2030

14.                        G20 urged to switch fossil fuel subsidies for climate finance

15.                        Rich countries to unveil climate finance package at World Bank summit

16.                        US, EU considering loss and damage options for Paris deal

17.                        UN climate chief expects national plans to cover up to 80% of emissions before Paris

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18.  Changing Climate Could Even Oust the Oriole from Baltimore, Study Says

19.                        Spurred by innovators like Tesla, the energy storage business is growing fast

20.                        The Mothers of All Disasters

21.                        Climate Envoys Urge Faster Talks as Global Deal Deadline Nears

22.                        Obama: Shrinking Exit Glacier a powerful sign of warming climate

23.                        We live in the tiny Arctic village President Obama is visiting this week. Life here is extreme.

24.                        Emissions ‘far above’ 2C target

25.                        General Mills’ move on climate change is ‘leadership that makes America great’

26.  Fossil Fuel CEOs Bonus Pay Helps Sink the Climate, Report Says

27.  Parched California

28.                        Even These Big Fossil Fuel Companies Support An International Climate Agreement

29.                        Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ visits tar sands: ‘extraordinary exploitation’ of environment


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