Climate Change and Terrorism Are Connected

Climate Changes Updates 10-16 November  2015

1.     Paris climate talks to move forward despite attacks; Obama to attend

Sarkozy to demand Paris climate summit be ‘postponed’

2.     Shifting Gears to Cycling Would be Big Climate Boost

3.     Climate change could bring tropical disease epidemics to Britain, health expert warns

4.     Energy secretary: ‘All of the above’ includes reducing emissions

5.  Canada’s climate targets will be set after climate summit

6.     Bernie Sanders says climate change is still our biggest national security threat

7.           From journalist to climate crusader

8.     France promises ‘enhanced’ COP21 security after terror attacks

9.     Scripps scientists talk about climate change

10.                        Don’t forget home front on climate change

11.                        Why Climate Change and Terrorism Are Connected

12.                        Society ‘set for climate change woe’

13.                        Global Climate Change Conference Will Continue in Paris, Despite Wave of Attacks

14.                        Ipswich Climate Change column: Fogging global-warming science

15.                        A Successful Climate Change Conference Is The Best Response To ISIS Brutality

16.                        Peggy Noonan Mocks Sanders Saying ISIS Exacerbated by Climate Change

17. UK wildlife is ‘increasingly at risk’ from climate change

18.                        Action urged for Alaska villages affected by climate change

19.                        Cleantech ‘revolution’ the silver lining in climate change gloom: OECD

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy Knows How to Fix Climate Change

21.                        Public debate muddies the waters in climate change education

22.                        Climate change could bring tropical disease epidemics to Britain, health expert warns

23.                        Sorghum to beat wheat in weathering climate change impacts in Queensland

24.                        Montana clergy concerned about climate change

25.                        Two Degrees: Does climate change contribute to violence and war?

26.                        Role of climate change knowledge brokers

27.                        Climate change: “We’ve been here afew 100 years and we’d like to remain”

28.                        UPEI Climate Research Lab reports coastal erosion for 2014 greater than anticipated

29.                        Has Exxon Mobil misled the public about its climate change research?

30.                        insideHPC Special Report on HPC Weather Forecasting and Climate Research

31.                        Who Pays the Real Cost of Exxon’s Climate Deception?

32.                        Why Exxon Is Attacking The Media Over Climate Change Research

33.                        Network Evening News Programs Yet To Address What Exxon Knew About Climate Change

34.                        Researchers: High Plains cotton production can survive predicted climate changes

  1. The Past Shows How Abrupt Climate Shifts Affect Earth

36.                        How coastal real estate is being impacted by climate change

37.                        An app to track your climate impact

38.                        UO geographer urges more stakeholder voices in climate science

39.                        Research ship to remind UN delegates of the sea’s influence on climate

  1. Democrats’ ISIS Strategy Is To Fight Global WarmingRead more:

41.                        Global Warming Could Be Causing Melting Glaciers To Carry Sediment Into Sea, Reducing Species Diversity

42.                        Denial, global warming and the slaughter in Paris: James Robbins

43.                        John Ward: The last good chance to stop global warming

  1. France Says It’s ‘Essential’ To Fight Global Warming In Wake Of Paris Terror AttacksRead more:

45.                        Column: New global warming initiative: Shun the extremists

46.                        Al Gore-Led Global Warming Webcast Suspended After Paris Attacks

47.                        Global warming rapidly melts massive Greenland glacier

48.                        How global warming all started


50.                        Why Global Warming Mums keep blooming

51.                        Scientists discuss sea level rising, global warming at University of Miami

52.                        Blundering Gardener: Warming up to some global warming effects but fretting about others

53.                        What is the Role of the Oceans in Global Warming/Climate Change?

54.                        Can Miami Beach Survive Global Warming?


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