Fresh Hope for Combating Climate Change

Climate Changes Updates 12-15 October  2015

1. Saudis to deliver climate plan by Paris, says Tubiana

2. India ex-climate minister lays out ‘minimums’ for Paris deal

3. Methane, flaring targeted in oil major climate pledge

4. Rate of Antarctic ice melt to double by 2050 – study

5. Greens slam aviation lobby claims UK climate goals in reach

6. Scientists accused of downplaying ‘revolution’ needed for 2C warming goal

7. UN climate talks: Will only a global carbon price do?

8. Fresh Hope for Combating Climate Change

9. The Wildlife Photo of Year Tells Climate Change Tale

10.     France warns about the security risks cause by global warming ahead of major UN climate talks

11.     Mexico tries to bridge U.N. climate talks roadblocks

  1. India’s coal-fueled economy taking a toll on environment and rural villagers

13.     El Nino’s impact stretches wide, threatening food supplies in Papua New Guinea

14.         Australia could lose mangroves to sea level rise, research warns

15.     States to boost international protection for people fleeing disasters

  1. From Plate to Planet: How America’s Dinner Choices Could Save The World

  1. Exxon’s damaging denial on climate change

18.     Exxon’s climate lie: ‘No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad’

19.     Democratic presidential debate reveals climate change chasm between the parties

20.  Opinion: We can and should Leap into action against climate change

21.     Excuses for climate inaction melt away: Our view

22.     Why Solving Climate Change Will Be Like Mobilizing for War

23.     TerraPass, Moms Clean Air Force Talk Climate Change and Our Kids’ Futures

24.     Americans’ Denial of Climate Change Hits Record Low, Survey Finds

25.     Harvard Global Institute Grant Supports Climate-Change Research in China

26.     Climate Change at the Bank of England

27.     Obama ‘took the wrong side’ on climate change, says physicist Freeman Dyson

28.     Good news, climate change activists: America is finally coming around

29.     Climate Change Is A Problem For Everyone, Protesters Across The Country Say

30.     These Stocks Will Profit From Climate Change

31.     French weatherman taken off air after questioning climate change

32.     The biggest question about climate change isn’t ‘if’ or ‘when.’ It’s ‘how abrupt?’

33.     Hillary Clinton’s Big Climate Change Accomplishment Was Actually a Huge Failure

34.     Can Farming Practices in Oklahoma Solve Climate Change?

  1. Exxon’s damaging denial on climate change

  1. Congressmen want probe of ExxonMobil ‘failing to disclose’ climate change data

37.     Climate change requires new conservation models, Stanford scientists say

38.     Climate change will affect Missouri’s family farmers

39.     UC Davis project: Saving salad from climate change

40.     Exxon’s Climate Change Cover-Up Is ‘Unparalleled Evil,’ Says Activist

41.     Adoption of biofuel to slow climate change ‘urgent’ for Boeing

42.     Climate Change Seen As Risk To Nebraska’s Health, Well-Being

43.     AEP, international coalition urge energy research ahead of Paris climate summit

44.         Alpha Natural Discloses Payments to Climate Change Skeptic Chris Horner

45.     Fishing guide: Montana’s outdoor recreation industry threatened by climate change

46.     Scholars call for more climate research on Colorado River

47.     The Climate Change Secrets of Stalagmites

48.     Americans agree climate change is real. But made by humans? Not so much.

49.         Climate Change Means Wildfire Seasons Like This One May Continue


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