Beekeeping Helps Pakistan Farmers Cope with Crop Losses

Climate Changes Updates 14-18 December  2015

1)     The Ominous Story of Syria’s Climate Refugees

2)   Paris deal boosts plan for New York climate change museum

3)   A 19th-Century Glimpse of a Changing Climate

4)   Climate change deal: five reasons to be glad, five to be gloomy

5)    As Sea Levels Rise, Are Coastal Nuclear Plants Ready?

6)   Will Global Warming Heat Us Beyond Our Physical Limits?

7)    British Court Rejects Donald Trump’s Attempt to Block Wind Farm

8)        Beekeeping Helps Pakistan Farmers Cope with Crop Losses

9)   The huge political horse trade in the budget that will change where the U.S. gets its energy

10)     There is a new form of climate denialism to look out for – so don’t celebrate yet

11)   Editorial: Climate change is a real thing in the ocean

12)     Globally, Lakes Warming At An Alarming Rate, Study Finds

13)     Why Paris Worked: A Different Approach to Climate Diplomacy

14)   Editorial: Everywhere on the planet, climate change is a local issue

15)      The Earth’s Lakes Are Warming at a Disturbing Rate

16)   Republican climate denial: it’s the donors, stupid

17)     Internet has revelation that climate change action won’t kill the economy after all

18)     New Rice Could Help Reduce Global Greenhouse Gases

19)   Predict COP21’s impact on the future of food

20)   Investors put pressure on miners to respond to climate change

21)   A Weapon Against Climate Change May Be Right Under Our Feet

22)     Why the U.N. Climate Change Agreement Wasn’t a Complete Disaster

23)      Rights advocate: ‘With climate change, there’s no going back’

24)     Climate change: Greenland Ice Sheet is shrinking at high rate

  • Climate change is indeed a cause of social conflict

26)   Is climate change on the hook for this wacky December weather?

27)   World’s lakes are warming surprisingly quickly due to climate change

28)   New York’s Tropical December Days: Climate Change or El Nino?

29)   COP21 Update: How Are Latin American Cities Preparing for Climate Change?

30)   Can “assisted evolution” protect corals from climate change?

31)     Addressing climate change through art

32)   Solar panel subsidies face heavy cuts in ‘climate change hammer blow’

33)   ‘Peaking’ into the future of climate change

34)    Haitians are noticing climate change impacts on extreme weather and agriculture

35) Climate Change: Companies Urged To Disclose More Risks After Landmark Paris Deal

36)   Apparently Americans Cause Climate Change And The Result…Terrorism

37)    Ross Henderson: On climate change and Keytruda

38)   Eight lessons from the Paris climate change conference

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39)     Public Gardens Perfectly Poised To Support Climate Change Initiatives

40)     Bill Nye the Science Guy thinks climate change could be a ‘tipping point’ in the 2016 presidential election

41)   Letter: Yes, we’ll have to deal with global warming

42)   4 Ways In Which You Can Contribute To Reducing Global Warming



45)    EU says 1.5C global warming target depends on ‘negative emissions’ technology

46)   Global Warming Will Reduce Heat Deaths, Not Cause More

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47)   Pledges to reduce global warming sound like boondoggles

48)    NOAA Hands Over Documents Amid Global Warming Study Investigation

49)   Here’s How Congress Is Quietly Giving The UN Money For Its Global Warming Agenda

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50)    Sanders’ Climate Change Plan Won’t Do Much for Global Warming

51)   Global Warming Impacting Lakes Worldwide

52)    Even if the global warming scare were a hoax, we would still need it

53)   NOAA Admits Global Warming Isn’t Causing Warm Winter Weather

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54)   How you can help stop global warming

55)     What will Democrats not do in pursuit of a global warming remedy?



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