Climate Changes Updates 16-19 October 2015

Climate Changes Updates 16-19 October  2015

1.  BP admits climate concern makes some oil unburnable

2.  Oil majors climate declaration avoids targets, carbon pricing

3.  Brexit: what impact on the climate?

4.  Bonn set for fireworks as UN climate talks resume

5.  Loans or grants for climate finance?

6.  Developing countries demand additions to slimmed-down climate text

7.  Cutting through the legal fog of a UN climate pact

8.  US, EU ‘avoiding fair share’ of climate effort

9.  Norway’s oil-rich capital first to divest from fossil fuels

10.              UN climate text swells as G77 flexes muscles in Bonn

11.              Climate Countdown: Tensions ahead of last round of UN climate talks before Paris conference

  1. Climate realities sink in

13.              Editorial: Ignore state board and teach climate change to 6th graders

14.              Sustainability Requires Technology, Ethics and Political Will

15.              Warming Oceans May Threaten Krill, a Cornerstone of the Antarctic Ecosystem

16.              Guide talks about climate change impact on fishing in Montana

  1. Sam Kass Wants to Put the Climate on the Menu Before it’s Too Late – See more at:
  2. Sam Kass Wants to Put the Climate on the Menu Before it’s Too Late – See more at:

19.                       British Columbia finally updates its eight-year-old climate change plan

  1. Can rare wolves and sawmill jobs both survive on an Alaska island? A battle heats up

21.              When Gas Becomes Cheaper, Americans Buy More Expensive Gas

22.              Corporate giants back Obama’s climate change push

23.              Study: Climate change adding billions to U.S. hurricane costs

24.              A heated debate over climate change continues

25.              Kerry: Climate Change a Contributing Factor in Syrian Conflict

26.              A Case Study of Climate Change vs. Human Activity

27.              Exxon’s own scientists confirmed the truth about climate change

28.              A War on Climate Change?

  1. Brown’s link between climate change and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say

30.Want to Fight Climate Change? Get Angry.

31.              Here’s One Way Climate Change Will Make the World Look Different

32.              Climate change needs boots on the ground

33.              Canada’s elections could shake up the country’s stance on climate change

34.              The math on staying below 2°C of global warming looks increasingly brutal

35.              No, Donald Trump, the existence of fall does not disprove global warming

36.              Walmart, McDonald’s and 79 Others Commit to Fight Global Warming

37.              Global warming could be melting ancient greenhouse gases under Oregon coast

  1. Global warming theory violates scientific law

39.              Arctic powers gather for Alaska talks as pace of global warming threatens ice cap

40.              Cornerstone krill under threat from global warming

41.              Global Warming Leftists Seek to Criminalize Criticism

42.              Which countries are doing the most to stop dangerous global warming?

  1. ‘Hidden ocean’ under Chinese desert offers hope for global warming

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