Climate Changes Updates 17-22 November 2015

Climate Changes Updates 17-22 November  2015

1.     The Forgotten U.N. Climate Goal: 1.5°C

2.     Report card: World slows deforestation, but at a pace short of 2030 goal

3.     Heat stress: the next global public health crisis?

4.     In our opinion: Both economic and environmental impacts of fracking deserve careful consideration

5.     Thanks for the Memories, Fossil Fuels, but Now It’s Time to Change

6.     What Passing a Key CO2 Mark Means to Climate Scientists

7.     India backs 2 degree global warming limit – French ministry source

8.     Official Figures for Major Smog Pollutant Last Year ‘Off by Half’

9.     Dem accuses GOP chairman of ‘witch hunt’ in climate probe

10.                        For protection from the rising sea, look to Europe’s example

11.                        On eve of Paris climate summit, Britain pulls the plug on renewables

12.                        Climate change: Can a wounded Paris deliver for the planet?

13.                        Heads of state confirm Paris climate talks attendance – source

14.                        2015 shatters the temperature record as global warming speeds back up

15.                        Letters: Global warming; Schuh’s response

16.                        Dems Plan To Investigate Oil Companies For Questioning Global Warming

17.                        Dems Plan To Investigate Oil Companies For Questioning Global Warming

18.                        James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat

19.                        Solving global warming with nanoporous materials

20.                        Global Governance Will Stop Global Warming and End Terrorism … Or Something

21.                        How Global Warming Science Ate The NASA Budget

22.                        Can global warming cause massive ocean dead zones?

23.                        ‘Billionaire’s Club’ Financing Attacks On Exxon’s Global Warming Stance

24.                        PolitiFact: Sanders Blaming ISIS On Global Warming Is ‘Mostly False’

25.                        Judge Finds ‘Constitutional Obligation’ for State to Act on Global Warming

26.                        NYT Laments Global Warming Has Affected Fall Fashion for New Yorkers; ‘It’s a New World Out There’

27.                        Permafrost Meltdown Raises Risk of Runaway Global Warming

28.                        Our obsession with global warming will cost us dear

29.                        Even as Congress investigates the global warming ‘pause,’ actual temperatures are surging

30.                        Why do so many Americans doubt that global warming is real? Climate change, Part IV

31.                        Paris climate change talks: Political will to tackle global warming is building, says Sir Jonathon Porritt

32.                        Alberta’s climate change strategy targets carbon, coal, emissions

33.  Mainers hold vigil on climate change

34.                        New Zealand needs to peddle faster on climate change

35.                        First ministers meet in show of good intentions to combat climate change

36.                        Prince Charles: Climate change failure is a factor behind Syrian crisis

37.                        King County judge denies kids’ petition on climate change

38.                        Trudeau and premiers meet to talk climate change

39.                        Judge denies kids’ petition seeking to force Washington to adopt stricter emissions rules

40.                        Prakash Javadekar Finally Explains Modi’s Bizarre Remarks On Climate Change

41.                        Paris climate talks: ‘Six years on, climate change is killing fish, flooding our fields’

42.                        Rates of ancient climate change may be underestimated?




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