Climate Changes Updates 23-27 November 2015

Climate Changes Updates 23-27 November  2015

1.     Exxon Made Deep Cuts in Climate Research Budget in the 1980s

2.   Scientists seek to harvest electricity from algae in green-energy effort

3.     The fragile framework

4.     Should your turkey be taxed for climate change?

5.  Report speaks to climate change impact on Virginia brook trout

6.     Gov. Brown calls out Texas and West Virginia officials on climate change comments

7.     Global emissions nearly stall after a decade of rapid growth, report shows

8.     We can’t afford a triumph of mediocrity at Paris climate talks

9.    Paris climate talks won’t beat dangerous global warming but they will try to build a vehicle that can

10.               Bolivia’s Morales, once leftist climate pact foe, turns pragmatic

11.               To Bring People Together to Fix Global Challenges, Try Food

12.               Nuclear exit unthinkable for climate conference host France

13.               Franklin Resources loses bid to skip vote on climate change

14.               Alberta climate change policy began with quiet talks over dinner

15. World Bank calls for $16bn to help Africa weather the effects of climate change

16.   Climate Refugees and a Collapsing City

17.               5 Things To Pay Attention to at the Paris Climate Change Conference

18.                        Experts call for reduced meat consumption to prevent climate change

19.               Will we write Earth’s next chapter or its obituary?

20.                      Clare Watson: How to make people care about climate change

21.               Republican candidates score abysmally on climate change: AP

22.               Surge in climate change-related disasters poses growing threat to food security – UN

23.               Cities vs. climate change: How Vancouver aims to lead the fight

24.                       It is time to slow down climate change

25.                       Victorians take to the streets to demand urgent action on climate change

26.                       Pope says failure at climate change summit would be ‘catastrophic’

27.                       Coal can help reduce climate change, says Minerals Council of Australia

28.                       Global creative community calls on world leaders to tackle climate change

29.Thousands gather in Melbourne for action on climate change ahead of UN talks

30.               Worldwide Support for an Ambitious Climate-Change Deal Is Faltering, New Poll Says

31.                        Climate change is riskiest for these countries: S&P

32.                       Canada’s New Leadership Reverses Course on Climate Change

33.                        Clash for Obama Ahead of Paris Climate Change Summit

34.               How European research and innovation can help to address climate change

35.               Calgary researcher examines old logbooks for climate clues

36.               COP21: Public support for tough climate deal ‘declines’

37.               Research Confirms ExxonMobil, Koch-funded Climate Denial Echo Chamber Polluted Mainstream Media

38.               Textbooks inaccurately present science on climate change as uncertain and doubtful, research shows

39.               Southern focus for climate researchers

40.                      Top scientists accuse House panel of harassing climate researchers

41.                        Exxon Made Deep Cuts in Climate Research Budget in the 1980s

42.                       Climate Research at the End of the World

43.                       Christiana Figueres: the woman tasked with saving the world from global warming

44.               Better batteries touted to beat global warming

45.                        Pope in Kenya: Poor are global warming victims

46.                       Global Warming row: Could NASA be about to settle the great climate change debate?

47.                       Treaty by itself not enough to slow global warming, study says

48.Jeremy Rifkin: ‘Number two cause of global warming emissions? Animal husbandry’

49.                        UN: Hottest year on record the result of man-made global warming, strong El Nino

50.               Tiny Marshall Islands face global warming threat as world leaders seek Paris emissions pact

51.               Global Warming Main Factor Behind Recent Heat, Analysis Says

52.               Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ Not Supported By Substantial Evidence, Scientists Say

53.                       COP21: the tipping point for global warming?

54.               Climate change: Is forest renewal the best way to tackle global warming?

55.                        Interactive: See how global warming is changing the face of our planet

56.               Global Warming Will Progress Much More Quickly Than Expected, Study Predicts

57.                        New study finds ‘no substantive evidence’ of a global warming ‘pause’


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