Climate Changes Updates 24-28 December 2015

Climate Changes Updates 24-28 December  2015

1.   The Last King of Coal Makes His Stand as Mines Vanish Around Him

2.   Xcel CEO leans on Midwest wind power to close gap with coal, gas

3.   Experts Explain Why 2015 Is A Warm One For Earth’s Climate


5.   What the Paris climate deal really means for the private sector

6.   2015: The Year the Environmental Movement Knocked Out Keystone XL

  1. Fighting Climate Change With One of the World’s Largest Solar Power Plants

8.   Voices: A fragile environment pays the price for Miami’s growth spurt

9.     Climate Smart Coffee and Banana Set to Boost East African Farmers’ Income

10.   Fire, floods, tornadoes: fatal weather rounds out a year of extremes in 2015

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Commentary: Will we reach peak denial soon?



13.   Climate sceptic Maurice Newman says world leaders embracing junk science

14.   Florida’s climate change reversal

15.   Extreme weather linked to El Niño and climate change

16.   Fighting Climate Change
With One of the World’s
Largest Solar Power Plants

17.   David Cameron says climate change is to blame as ministers are accused of using global warming as an excuse for failures

Climate change: Not science and not settled


19.   Wisconsin should lead on climate change

20.   Fighting climate change requires more than soothing fantasies

21.   Why Addressing Climate Change Is Not Enough

22.   Model offers best look at Amazon forests and climate change

23.   Are Large Carnivores Doomed by Climate Change?

24.   Can the Planet Be Saved?

25.   Climate Change Poses Short-term Promise for Some Northwest Farmers

26.   Time after time, UK governments have denied the dangers of climate change

27.   El Nino and climate change to blame for extreme weather in five continents: scientists

28.   Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Onwards and Upwards

29.   Safety Culture Needed to Tackle Climate Change


30.   Climate change fund: NSCCC approves four projects

31.   Minister Sean Sherlock: Farmers ‘must be ready for climate change’

32.   How tackling climate change will pay off

33.   Review of Climate Research by Exxon

34.   State Lawmakers Urged to Question Taxpayer-Subsidized Climate ‘Alarmists’

35.   My Turn: Fluctuations in climate have always been the norm

36.   Exxon Isn’t the Only Oil Company That Knew About Climate Change in the 70s

37.   Republicans split on attacking climate science

38.   Researchers link climate-induced disasters and food security across time and place

39.Climate Researchers Use Whaling Logbooks From 1800s to Better Understand Weather

40.   Climate Institute fights for survival as philanthropic donation runs out

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Antarctic project with Minnesota ties has fast ice drill for climate research


42.   Meet the House science chairman who’s trying to put global warming research on ice

43.   In fight over federal climate research, government turns over some subpoenaed emails

44.   Treating Global Warming Denialism Like a Sex Scandal

  1. To help stop global warming, curb short-lived pollutants

46.   Philippines highly vulnerable to effects of global warming

47.   Let’s all boo the global warming panto villains

48.   Science as a defense against global warming

49.   Man-made warming blamed for exceptional weather conditions

50.   The world faces widespread food shortages due to global warming: Crops will become scarce as droughts ravage Africa and Asia

Letter: Science is not settled on global warming


52.   More Than Exxon: Big Oil Companies for Years Shared Damning Climate Research


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