Climate Changes Updates 26-31 October 2015

Climate Changes Updates 26-31 October  2015

1.  Climate change: The $44 trillion question the GOP wouldn’t answer

2.  Pumpkin peril: Federal website’s jack o’lantern warning cites climate change

3.  British Foreign Minister Discusses Climate Change in Gulf

4.  Four Republican senators form a green coalition to discuss climate change

5.  Time for a united front on climate change

6.  An Iconic American Tree Is Threatened by Climate Change

7.  Winemakers will survive, international body says of climate change

8.    Economics of Climate Change, Climate Fiction and Climate Control

9.  Hillary joins calls for federal probe of Exxon climate change research

10.              Climate change is doing some very strange things to the waters off New England

11.              Some GOP candidates are warming to climate change

12.              Stanford issues statement on climate change ahead of Paris conference

13.              Presidential Candidates: Who Believes in Climate Change?

14.              Why isn’t business lobbying Congress about climate change?

15.              Buddhist Leaders Call For Climate Change Action At Paris Talks

16.              Ethanol from corn stalks: Can it slow climate change?

17.              Address causes of climate change to help alleviate effects on children: AAP

18.              Ted Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science, It’s Religion’

19.              Agency won’t give GOP internal docs on climate research

  1. Collapse of New England’s iconic cod tied to climate change

21.              Exxon Knew about Climate Change Almost 40 Years Ago

22.              An Iconic American Tree Is Threatened by Climate Change

23.              Climate Change, Wildfire Seen Transforming Northwest Forests

24.              Hawaii’s Rare And Endangered Birds At Risk From Climate Change, Researchers Say

25.              The most vulnerable countries miss out on climate change knowledge

26.              Four Republican senators form a green coalition to discuss climate change

27.              Obama’s Paris Climate Change Plan to Cost Up to $45 Billion Per Year

28.              UC researchers present 10 scalable solutions for climate change

29.              Climate change effect: Mideast may become too hot for humans to live in by year 2100

30.              Indiana scientists send climate change letter to Gov. Pence

31.              Report predicts temperatures too hot for humans in Persian Gulf

32.              $4.2 million grant to be used to study climate change

  1. Climate Change Threatens an Iconic Desert Tree

34.              TSX launches 3 climate change indexes to track environmental footprint


36.              French Mathematicians Blast UN’s ‘Costly & Pointless Crusade’ Against Global Warming

37.              Kerry Urges World Leaders to ‘Grab’ Global Warming Deal in Paris

38.              Oooh scary! Fed bureaucrats warn pumpkins cause global warming

39.              October to be the hottest on record – and global warming is likely to blame–and-global-warming-is-likely-to-blame-20151029-gklklt.html#ixzz3q1rxcQRB


41.              Sanders Thinks Global Warming Should Be Top Priority Of GOP Debate

42.              Russia’s Putin Says Global Warming Is ‘A Fraud’

43.              Heat stress from global warming may stifle economic growth, new studies show

44.              Global warming serving up drinks without ice for rapidly expanding ‘Monster Lake’ in Tibet, new study suggests

45.              Global Warming May Mean Stifling Heat for Middle East

46.              Meet the Republican Senator Who Wants to Fight Global Warming

47.              Americans need to learn more about global warming

48.              Everyone’s favorite climate change fix

49.              Climate negotiators piece together planet-saving mechanism

50.              Senators Considering Trip to Paris During Climate Summit

51.              Administration wants to hold off court’s climate ruling until after UN talks

52.              Imagine if Exxon had told the truth on climate change

53.              Ethanol mandates hurt environment

54.              Climate change to shrink habitat for rarest Hawaii birds

55.              Winemakers will survive, international body says of climate change

56.              National Chocolate Day: Could climate change hurt supplies?

57.              Climate change adaptation measures vital to counter flooding, heatstroke

58.              Here’s How to Make Climate Change Extra Scary

59.              Can the University of California help answer our climate problems?

60.              Russian media take climate cue from skeptical Putin

61.              Watch 2 GOP Presidential Candidates Call Out Their Party for Denying Science



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