Climate Changes Updates 28-30 November 2015

Climate Changes Updates 28-30 November  2015

1.   Climate talks in Paris commit to boosting carbon in soils to limit global warming

2.   Southern focus for climate researchers

3.     Comment: People’s Climate March – step by step for climate action

  1. Exxon takes aim at Columbia University journalists over climate reports

5.   Paris to Madison: UW researchers at international climate summit explain local implications

6.   Africa: Project Embeds Young African Climate Researchers

7.   Obama, Bill Gates to lead major effort to spur spending on climate research

8.   Project embeds young African climate researchers

9.   El Niño, ENSO Cycle, Climate Research And Wisconsin: More Information

10.       Exxon’s Research on Climate Is Transparent

11.       Prime Minister commits $20m to climate research

12.       Top scientists accuse House panel of harassing climate researchers

13.       House Dems probe oil, coal companies on climate research

14.       Exxon Made Deep Cuts in Climate Research Budget in the 1980s

15.Unlocking climate change secrets in the frozen north


17.       Intact supporting climate research at U-W

18.       Climate Research at the End of the World

19.       Gates leads major effort to spur spending on climate research

20.       White House Releases Details of
Bill Gates’s Climate Research Plan

21.       Global warming: Thousands flee Pacific islands on front line of climate change

22.       For Israeli firm, an answer to global warming is blowing in the wind


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