Climate Changes Updates 4-13 December 2015

Climate Changes Updates 4-13 December  2015

1.           Paris Agreement Ushers in End of the Fossil Fuel Era

2.   How to bake up a climate treaty, in 25 easy steps

3.   Turn the knobs on a new interactive map and see what future emissions, adaptation strategies mean for world hunger

  1. Provence’s Legendary Lavender and Olives Threatened by a Changing Climate

5.   Sea lions in trouble, again, off California coast

  1. As fuel shortages hit Nepal, is renewable energy an alternative?

7.   Commentary: Will we reach peak denial soon?

8.   Save the Planet. Eat Ugly.

9.   Editorial: Cleaning the air requires a federal crackdown


  1. Paris climate pact: A good moment for the planet

12.   This is the end of fossil fuels

13.   The Observer view on the Paris climate deal

14.   Paris agreement a victory for climate science and ultimate defeat for fossil fuels

15.   The Paris agreement marks an unprecedented political recognition of the risks of climate change

16.   Paris climate pact looks pretty but smells bad

17.   The Road to a Paris Climate Deal

18.‘This is academic freedom’: US Professor Frank Clemente hits back at Greenpeace claims

19.   Climate Denial’s Ugly Side: Hate Mail to Scientists

20.   Copenhagen climate deal: Spectacular failure – or a few important steps?

21.   Climate Accord Is a Healing Step, if Not a Cure

  1. Historic New Climate Deal: Surprises, Snubs, and What it Really Means

23.   Can Pulling Carbon from Air Make a Difference on Climate?

24.   Can Monsanto’s CEO move the debate about GMOs beyond good versus evil?

25.   Woodland rejects solar farm

  1. The one word that almost sank the climate talks

27.   China’s efforts on climate deal partly due to its pollution

28.   World Leaders in Paris Agree to ‘Historic’ Deal on Climate Change

29.   Nations Approve Landmark Climate Accord in Paris

30.   At Climate Talks, the Media Message Is a Job for PR Professionals

31.   Dispatch from Paris: The flipside of COP21 … the replacements

32.   Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

33.   Climate deal unveiled in Paris, a ‘historic turning point’

34.   With landmark climate accord, world marks turn from fossil fuels

35.   Climate change deal clinched at COP21: Here’s why India is on the receiving end

36.   COP21: Four things you need to know about the Paris climate change treaty

37.   ‘Toothless’ climate change deal means Britain could be left pursuing ever tougher green targets

38.   Which side of history will Turkey choose on climate change?

39.   Cloud Shields and Cow Pills: The Craziest Climate Change Fixes

40.           COP21: James Hansen, the father of climate change awareness, says Paris agreement is a ‘fraud’

41.     What does the landmark climate change accord mean for the U.S.?

42.   Climate change: Government criticised for scrapping project intended to limit CO2 emissions

43.   COP21: Hitting the climate change targets agreed in Paris ‘will cost $16.5trn’

44.   Paris Accord Considers Climate Change as a Factor in Mass Migration

45.   China and India welcome Paris climate-change deal

46.   Where the climate change agreement goes from here

47.   Putaruru boy speaks to world leaders at climate change conference

48.   Our addiction to oil means that climate change and conflict in the Middle East now go hand-in-hand

49.   D.M. mayor discusses Paris climate change conference

50.   Paris deal on climate change met with calls to action from Canadians

51.   Climate Change Deal Is a Threat to U.S. Sovereignty

52.   What people get wrong about climate change


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