Climate Changes Updates 5-11 October 2015

Climate Changes Updates 5-11 October  2015


1.   World Bank pledges $29bn green aid; Morocco hosts EU climate summit

2.   Top emitters head to Morocco to discuss Paris climate plans

3.   Prakash Javadekar: rich countries are on a climate vacation

4.   Bolivia dash for oil undermines ‘Mother Earth’ summit

5.   Fracktivists ‘win’ as Brazil shale gas auction flops

6.   Climate vulnerable states despair of rich, launch finance plan

7.   Can we trust Shell’s ‘Energy Transitions Commission’?

8.   OPEC chief defends members over missing climate pledges

9.   Conservative UK climate chief defends green cuts

10.               Oil majors to release climate plans on 16 October, says Total chief

11.               Shell chief: Business must account for cost of climate change

12.               Warming seas devastate coral reefs in global bleaching event

13.               New UN climate science chief touts role for business

14.               Climate change migration is ‘genocide’, says Marshall Islands minister

15.               African candidate opens up IPCC climate science chief race

16.               South Korea’s Hoesung Lee wins top UN climate science job

17.               BBC apologises for radio show that mocked climate science

18.               Laws help enforce some environmental treaties – but not on climate

19.               The U.S. needs a solar energy revolution. But it’s laying off solar energy researchers

20.               In Chile, solar power lights the way to a cleaner, more competitive economy

  1. Only 25 pc of original habitats have survived in East Himalayas: WWF

22.               Cutting ozone will require radical transformation of California’s trucking industry

23.               Climate Data Can be Critical in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States – Here’s How to Get It

24.               State Department Embraces Cities As Key To Meeting Climate Goals

25.Is Climate Change Ruining the Remaining Wild Places?

26.               Beyond the Headlines

27.               Is Money Corrupting Research?

28.               Climate apocalypse is here, now: Science fiction has become our new reality

29.               Teaching the Truth About Climate Change

30.               NJ judge denies bid by environmental groups to block Exxon settlement

31.               China’s economic shift promises to aid climate fight but packs a commodity punch

32.               Ted Cruz Lies Again About the Science of Climate Change

  1. Climate Change Impacts California Drought, Experts Say

34.               Top boffin Freeman Dyson on climate change, interstellar travel, fusion, and more

35.               In Bolivia, Ban urges action on climate change, says caring for planet is ‘moral issue’

36.               ‘Leave it in the ground’ climate change rally takes to Capitol steps

37.               The most pessimistic climate change scientist has had a sudden change of heart

38.               Meteorologist: Accepting climate change ‘doesn’t make you liberal, it makes you scientifically literate’

39.               Kiribati Climate Change Relocation Refugee Crisis? Sinking Low-Lying Island Nations In Pacific, Indian Oceans Seeking Solutions Before It’s Too Late

40.               Action Urged on Climate Change, Growth Slowdown

41.               Ipswich Climate Change column: Maybe a tipping point

42.               Biology: Climate change a ‘threat multiplier’ on stressors

43.               Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘Terrible’ Over Prioritizing Climate Change Leadership

44.               Teaching the Truth About Climate Change

45.               Climate change latest threat to endemic birds

  1. The Day After Tomorrow: Global Warming Not Enough To Stop Dawning Ice Age

47.               World will pass crucial 2C global warming limit, experts warn

  1. The Sierra Club Responded To Getting Schooled By Ted Cruz On Global Warming, And They’re Still Wrong

49.               Dramatic worldwide coral reef death blamed on global warming as reefs around the world are ‘bleached’

50.               Pope is incorrect on global warming


52.               Global warming ‘is FAKE’: Volume of ice caps is INCREASING, claims top geologist

53.               Global warming is causing butterflies to SHRINK: Insect metabolism is being altered by rising temperatures putting them at risk

54.               Detroit-area girls to learn about global warming, pollution

55.               It Seems to Me: EPA global-warming rules must be stopped

56.               Letter: Global warming debate rages on

57.               Ted Cruz Embarrasses Sierra Club President In Global Warming Hearings

58.               The most pessimistic climate change scientist has had a sudden change of heart


60.BILL CURTIS: Be wary of global warming ‘facts’

61.               Exxon Arctic Drilling Benefitting From Global Warming: Oil Company Denied Climate Change Science While Factoring It Into Arctic Operations, Report Shows


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