Global Warming Updates 1-5 August , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 1-5 August 2015

1.        Carbon capture alone ‘unlikely to limit global warming’

2.  Majority of Britons worried about global warming, poll finds

3.  Statistics says the long-term global warming trend continues

4.  Global Warming Alarmists Run Into Brick Wall Of Facts 

5.  Walpole company takes on global (warming) challenge

6.  Global Warming at Halfway Point of Safety Limit, Research Shows

7.  Science Magazine: We’re Halfway To Global Warming ‘Hell’

8.  Business can be a leading light in the struggle against global warming



10.              Defense Department to Congress: Global warming is a ‘present security threat’

11.              The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here 

12.              Climate change impact, good & bad, already felt in Maine

13.              Climate change could lead to more upset stomachs

14.              Adani court case leaves the climate change question unanswered

15.              Civic Disobedience and Climate Change

  1. Democrats Outsmart Mitch McConnell With Resolution Supporting Pope Francis On Climate Change

17.              Want to survive climate change? Move here

18.              Life on Earth will look dramatically different by mid-century

19.              Study: Seattle becomes like San Jose, Portland like Sacramento under climate change

20.              What’s the point of BBC guidelines when it comes to climate change?

21.          Pentagon Issues Scary Climate Security Report, as Russia Lays Claim to Vast Arctic Territory

22.              Obama to visit Arctic, Vegas as part of climate change tour

23.              Four unexpected ‘upsides’ of climate change

24.              Guest Commentary: Climate change and the Latino community

25.              Unpacking Charles Koch’s misinformation on climate change

26.              Don’t Like The New Climate Rules? Thank Congress.

27.                      Landmark Paper Underestimated Methane Leaks from Gas Production, Study Says

28.              Feeding people on our stressed planet will require a “revolution”

29.              Diet change cuts methane emissions in cow burps 

Echoing green fellows: meet the next generation of food system leaders

31.              Christian leaders call on candidates to address climate change, inequality

32.              Climate Agenda Puts Purple-Staters in a Difficult Spot

33.                      Climate change threatens food production in Nigeria

34.              EPA’s Clean Power Plan promotes the health of people and the planet

35.              Four Graphs Bolster Bill Gates’s Case for Greatly Boosting Clean-Energy Research

36.              Climate change elevates threat of wildfires

37.              11 events that will shape the 2015 climate deal

38.              Paralysed by uncertainty? Index mooted to solve climate dilemma

39.              Coal is choking India’s cities, economy and the world’s climate

40.              A simple proposal to keep fossil fuels in the ground

41.              What do you think about Obama’s clean power plan?

42.              South Africa to target 34% carbon cuts by 2025

43.              UN climate talks: How to read the new COP21 negotiating text

44.              What does the US clean power plan mean for coal?

45.              Stop sulking Ed Miliband, learn from the climate movement

46.              China, Qatar and Ukraine top IMF fossil fuel subsidy leagues

47.              France hails ‘considerable common ground’ on UN climate plan

48.              Bhutan: climate lessons from a Himalayan kingdom

49.              Obama’s new climate plan to boost UN talks, says White House

50.              UK total energy consumption falls below 1965 levels

51.              Countries agree post-2015 UN sustainable development goals



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