Global Warming Updates 12-13 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 12-13 May 2015

1.  Pope Francis aide blasts U.S. climate skeptics

2.  The arguments that convinced a libertarian to support aggressive action on climate

3.    Liberals pressure AP to call climate change skeptics ‘deniers,’ bar word in stylebook

4.  We’re burning through the Earth’s carbon budget

5.  Climate Change, Drought Likely Means Marijuana Grown In California Will Be More Potent

6.  Budget brief: what’s in the budget on climate change and renewables?

7.  What Americans Really Think About Climate Change

8.  World Bank advocates long term thinking on climate change

9.  SC, other states could lose millions over climate change stance

10.              Climate change advice for business

11.              Greens say climate change will worsen allergies, asthma

  1. The 2016 Candidates Aren’t Talking About Climate Change Because Voters Don’t Care

13.                      Experts cite dire warnings at climate change conference in St. Louis

14.              Jeb Bush Signals His Faith Informs His Positions On Climate Change

15.              Boston-area mayors unite to fight climate change

16.              Obama’s Catastrophic Climate-Change Denial

17.              Climate Denialists In Congress Acting As NASA’s Kryptonite

18.              Thirty percent of corporations say climate change has impacted business materially

19.              Is climate change funny? Republicans use mockery to reallocate science budgets

20.              Iowa Scientists To Presidential Candidates: Climate Change ‘Is Not An Issue That Can Be Ignored’

21.              We’re hurting our kids by failing on global warming

  1. 5 Negative Impacts Global Warming Has on Coffee

23.              BHP Billiton chief says global warming won’t hit dividend

24.              Is Elizabeth Warren Really a Leader on Global Warming?

25.              Arctic Drilling Undercuts Obama’s Global Warming Efforts, Experts Say

26.              Global Warming Wreaks Havoc On Antarctic Research Stations

  1. Vox Inadvertently Undermines Global Warming Settled Science Argument – See more at:

28.              Tech Companies Are Moving To 100% Clean Energy, Some Faster Than Others

29.              Climate change set to take major toll on economy and children’s health, experts warn

30.              Former Energy Department official wins huge pay raise after moving to firm with deep ties to DOE

31.              Native medicinal plants and global warming.

32.               Alaska’s Tricky Intersection of Obama’s Energy and Climate Legacies

33.               F.B.I. Says It Broke Its Rules in Inquiry of Keystone Pipeline Opponents

34.               Budget 2015: An assault on Australia’s climate programs

35.               Global warming and the “Green Rush.”

36.               Australia needs radical CO2 cuts to match US, EU

  1. Will a Paris climate change pact have any teeth?

  1. Binding CO2 cap would leave US on shaky legal ground – See more at:
  2. Sea levels are rising faster than previous estimates – See more at:
  3. Paris climate deal to boost global economic growth, says Figueres – See more at:
  4. G7 ministers hail agreement on climate goals ahead of June summit – See more at:
  5. Obama guilty of climate denial after Shell green light, says McKibben – See more at:
  6. Beyond carbon pricing: Five ways to green economies – See more at:
  7. Beyond carbon pricing: Five ways to green economies – See more at:


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