The (Fake) Meat Revolution

Climate Changes Updates 14-20 September  2015

1.  UK out, Chile in to renewable investment top 10

2.  We have lift-off: Experts call for green growth boost at Paris

3.  China economic downturn could hit 2030 clean energy target

4.  Tunisia warns of tourism dive if planet overheats

5.  Pope urges EU ministers to step up climate fight

6.  EU negotiating plan for Paris to back long term goal, 2C target

7.  Forget climate pledges for Paris – let’s talk deep decarbonisation

8.  Solar power ‘backbone’ of future energy system – Shell CEO

9.  Burnt data: China coal use since 2000 far higher than estimated

10.              Joss Garman: What does a successful Paris climate deal look like?

11.              Global warming ‘hiatus’ theory trashed by new study

12.              Syria climate study warned Assad of drought dangers in 2010

13.              Pope primed for US Congress climate warning

14.              EU publishes ‘ambitious, robust’ plan for Paris climate deal

15.              Climate warrior Pacific islands set eyes on Rugby World Cup

16.              Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court

17.              Burn all fossil fuels and New York drowns – study

18.              EU to discuss strategy for Paris climate change summit

19.              Argentina set for ‘cheating’ climate pledge – NGOs

20.              Southern Ocean starts to absorb carbon again

21.              Long term goal vital for Paris climate pact – Tubiana

22.              US, China to outline new climate cooperation package

23.              ‘Predictioneers’ forecast Paris climate talks outcome with game theory

24.              David Letterman’s New Job: Fight Back Against Global-Warming Deniers

25.              India in disarray over strategy on global warming

26.              Republicans go from embracing junk science to junk policy on climate change

27.              The (Fake) Meat Revolution

28.              Millions to Explore How Environmental Changes Are Affecting Human Health

  1. How a rich water district beat the federal government in a secret deal


31.              U.N.: Paris Climate Summit Pledges Won’t Avoid Warming

32.              Pope Heads to Climate Talks as Rare Word — Optimism — Surfaces

33.              Is new Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull already a climate change turncoat?

34.              GOP lawmaker to skip Pope Francis speech over climate change

35.              The Forgotten Project That Could Have Saved America From Drought

36.              Global summit highlights crucial role of forests in climate change, economic development efforts

37.              These Are The Cities Where They’re Replacing The Most Fossil Fuels With Renewables

38.                      Climate change becomes a matter of mental health

39.              Look around, evidence of climate change exists

40.              Climate change could cause second Holocaust, says Yale historian

41.              Why climate change is Australia’s greatest national security issue 

Help vulnerable adapt to climate change

43.               Climate change: Biggest threat to plants may be competition, not heat

44.              UNL tries to help farmers plan for climate change

45.              Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ Never Happened, Scientists Say

46.              Republican Candidates Questioned on Climate Change

47.              Professors: Federal government should totally seek RICO charges against climate change skeptics

48.              Group seeks to broaden climate change conversation at Monday forum

49.              Is the pope changing minds on climate change? Survey says: meh.

50.              Arctic Mosquitoes Will Increase With Climate Change


52.               House Republican Plans to Boycott Pope Francis’s Speech Over Climate Change

53.              A Deep Dive into What Exxon Knew About Global Warming and When (1978) it Knew It

54.              Donald Trump Dismisses Global Warming Threat: ‘Weather Changes’

55.               These Giant Arctic Bloodsuckers Are Thriving On Global Warming

56.              Can Smart Phones Help Ease Global Warming?

57.              David Letterman’s New Job: Fight Back Against Global-Warming Deniers

58.              Exxon’s Own Scientists Confirmed Fossil Fuels’ Role in Global Warming Back in the ‘80s

59.                      Kennewick talk to cover birds and global warming

60.              In a blind test, economists reject the notion of a global warming pause

61.              Nobody In Trump’s Crowd Believes In Global Warming, Trump Tells Crowd

62.              Glen Jenkins: Effects of global warming will hit home

63.              Some scientists want to prosecute global warming skeptics under the RICO Act 

64.              Global Warming to Pick Up in 2015, 2016: Experts

Global warming’s one-two punch: extreme heat and drought

  1. CNN Tries To Start A Debate Battle Over Global Warming, Fails Read more:


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