Global Warming Updates 18-19 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 18-19 May 2015

1.  As States Ready Disaster Plans, Feds Urge Them To Consider Climate Change

2.  Climate change could be a threat to electricity supply in Western US

3.  This Growing ‘Green’ City May Be The Front Line In Climate Change Battle

4.  The Really Awful Truth About Climate Change

5.  12 must-reads on climate change — as submitted by you

6.  Gov. Brown signs global pact to fight climate change

7.  Studies: Climate change to bring more heat waves, stronger hurricanes

8.  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s Best Climate Change Burns

9.  What Is Equitable for Planet Earth? India and Climate Change: Our Record, Role and Responsibility

10.              Bill Nye the Science Guy: Climate change challenge will consume us like WW2

11.              Academic Mob Chases ‘Climate Change Contrarian’ Bjorn Lomborg Off Campus

12.                      The diet of worms: Soil-dwellers emerge as climate change heroes in study

13.                      Climate Change Lands on Agenda of the PTA

14.              CERES Calls on Corporate America to Fight Climate Change

15.              NY Lawmakers Told The State Has To Prepare For Climate Change

16.               Mountains hold climate change surprise, scientists find

17.              Ontario premier in D.C.: I’m here to talk climate change, not the KXL pipeline

18.              Studies: Climate change to bring more heat waves, stronger hurricanes

19.              Johns Hopkins assistant professor presents research on climate change

20.              In the Face of Climate Change the Western United States Faces An Energy Crisis Far Too Real

21.              Whittingham: 2015 should be Alberta’s big year on climate change

22.              CERES Calls on Corporate America to Fight Climate Change

23.              Weather Events Taken to Extremes by Climate Change

24.              Smith tries to take NASA out of climate research

25.              Underground, Crustaceans May Help Fight Climate Change

  1. Climate Change Won’t Be The Big Factor In Future Predicted Diversity Loss

27.              Just over half of Canadians believe humans causing climate change, while 15 per cent don’t believe in it all

28.              Climate change’s future impact uncertain on Midwest water cycle, Dartmouth-led study finds

29.              IPCC Expert Meeting: Climate research community looks into future scenarios

30.              Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

31.              Bill Nye Paid $35K To Tell Students To Dismiss Global Warming ‘Skeptics’

32.              New Study Threatens To Unravel Obama’s Global Warming Agenda

33.              An Alabama food conference: Bugs, DNA, drought and global warming

34.              Global warming fueling fewer but stronger hurricanes, study says

35.              Indian Ocean storing up heat from global warming, says study

36.              Cigarette Smokers May Be The Key To Solving Global Warming

37.              ESPN’s New Hire Says Global-Warming Fears Are “Intellectually Dishonest”

38.              Places to live after global warming?

39.              Natural Gas for Heavy-Duty Trucks Could Increase Global Warming, New Report Says

40.              Global warming outweighs noise: inquiry

41.              Ocean Microbes And Climate Change: How Marine Bacteria Are Spurring Global Warming

42.          UA Poll: Arizonans Concerned About Global Warming


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