Global Warming Updates 19-20 August , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 19-20 August 2015

1.   California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say

2.  Study shows impact of irrigation on drought, climate change in Alberta

3.  Ga. Tech Professor: Teach Children About Climate Change

4.  Climate Change Could Drive Valuable Boreal Forests To A ‘Tipping Point’

5.  Bridging the Geezer-Young Person Gap to Drive Climate Change Solutions

6.   How climate change is spawning a new view of conservation

7.  The Drought Is Making California Sink—And Climate Change Makes the Drought Worse

8.  The controversial quest to stop climate change by pulling carbon out of the air

9.  Why action on climate change has become an economic imperative

10.               To Slow Climate Change, Stop Drilling on Federal Land: Study

11.               O.C. high school student gathers stories to spread awareness of climate change

12.               How Can We Make People Care About Climate Change?

13.               2016 Democrats tough on climate change, silent on own carbon footprints

14.               Islamic Leaders Take on Climate Change, Criticizing “Relentless Pursuit of Economic Growth”

15.               The Pope’s Climate Change Message Is Lost on Americans

16.               Climate change is so dire we need a new kind of science fiction to make sense of it

17.               CSIR-IICT develops hydrofluorocarbons manfacture technology to reduce global warming by refrigerators

18.   US Latinos More Worried About Global Warming than Immigration

19.               Stunning discovery: ‘Diamonds in the Sky’ could stop Global Warming

20.                       Tibetan Grasslands Reverse Global Warming In Small Area

21.               Paxton Asks EPA to Halt Global Warming Plan

22.               From Anchorage to Paris: How to Curb Arctic—and Global—Warming in 2 Steps

23.               The global warming hiatus re-examined

24.               Islamic Leaders Want A Jihad Against Global Warming

25.               China’s Global Warming Pollution Estimates Cut in Harvard Study

26.               CO2 Could Be ‘Diamonds In The Sky’ Instead Of Climate Change Foe If Converted Into Valuable Nanofibers

27.               The Red Panda Could Become the Cutest Victim of Climate Change

28.               How the AP-NORC poll on the pope’s climate change encyclical was conducted

29.               Climate change may have driven dog evolution

30.               Two degrees or four? It’s a personal choice for survival in the near future 

Turning CO2 from air into car parts may help carbon capture pay

32.               Tony Abbott’s war on green groups threatens environment 

34.               Climate philanthropist George Soros invests millions in coal

35.               MacArthur Foundation vows to push climate solutions, starting with $50M pledge to green groups

36.               Disease-carrying mosquitoes, biting ticks, poison ivy and ragweed: All will flourish with climate change

37.               The Climate Change ‘Bully’ in California’s Drought

38.               A Lot Of Heat Is Wasted, So Why Not Convert It Into Power?

39.               Climate bill racks up as poor nations submit Paris pledges

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40.               India ‘central to Paris success’ say small island states

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41.               Will the clean energy revolution be good for women?

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42.               Will the clean energy revolution be good for women?

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43.               Brazil’s satellite-dodging loggers recast deforestation fight

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44.               China carbon emissions overestimated by 14% – report

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45.               Oil companies register UN climate commitments

46.               Obama stakes claim to Paris climate legacy

47.               Tackling climate not in Poland’s interest, says Duda

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48.               EU climate chief outlines criteria for Paris success

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