Global Warming Updates 21-25 August , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 21-25 August 2015

1.     Presidential Hopefuls Who Deny Climate Science Can Forget About Winning The Latino Vote

2.     UNL engineers continue work on groundbreaking solar energy study

3.     Crying over spilled water: Raising twins during a drought

4.     ‘Both sides are unhappy’: Obama’s Arctic drilling green light heightens tensions

5.     Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett: ‘Now is the time to listen to ordinary people again’

6.     Another benefit of Obama’s climate initiative: Breathing easy

  1. Climate change and Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?
  2. Can California meet its ambitious greenhouse gas goals

9.     Beef’s impact on emissions scrutinized

10.    Power Plants on Indian Reservations Get No Break on Emissions Rules

11. The world has noted Australia’s lack of ambition on climate change

12. Grizzlies, polar bears evolve with climate change.

13. Weekly wrap: Coal, coal, coal… and Islam

14. Extreme weather events of 2015: Is climate change to blame?

15. DRC climate plan ‘leaves laggards with no excuse’

16. The Emissions Factor Podcast: Is optimism ahead of Paris justified?

17. Why does the meat industry escape climate scrutiny?

18. Denmark minister seeks to water down climate goals

19. South Africa accused of weakening emissions target

20. India primed for renewables spurt in climate plan

21. Financial gatekeepers are blocking green investment – study

22. Russia, Ukraine dodgy carbon offsets cost the climate – study

23. What will a decent climate finance package in Paris look like?

24. Bolivia plans anti-capitalist climate summit to sway Paris

25. UCSD gets $5 million to fight climate change

26. How President Obama’s climate change plan is panning out

27. White House: Efficiency Key to Tackling Climate Change


29. Climate Change Intensifies California’s Drought

30. Here’s How Climate Change Shaped The Evolution Of Dogs

31. Biofuels Are a Bad Way to Fight Climate Change

32.    Climate report poses dire warnings

33. VVD calls on cabinet to appeal against climate change ruling

34. Heatwaves are on the rise in Algeria due to climate change, says specialist

35. The world has noted Australia’s lack of ambition on climate change

36. Climate Change Symposium Kicks Off In Sacramento

37. Climate Change: A Warning From Islam

38. President should keep focus on climate change as he travels Alaska

39. Carbon credits undercut climate change actions says report

40.    Controversial Climate-Change Solution May Be In The Clouds

41. Great Barrier Reef species more at risk from climate change, says study

42. President Obama Rolls the Dice in Las Vegas on Climate Change

43. Deceptive temperature record claims

44. Global warming is a real threat to way of life

45. The global scam called man-made climate change

46. The Latest Science on Global Warming

47. Carolyn Jenkins: How global warming affects what we eat

  1. Carbon Nano Fibres CO2 Tech solves Global Warming

49. Global warming continues to obey the laws and timetables of physics, not people: PennLive letters

50. 50 Shades of brown: global warming hits Vancouver

51. Global warming makes California drought worse

52. Glass half full: social unrest and conflict curb global warming

53. Global Warming: Huge Chunk Breaks Off Greenland Glacier


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