Global Warming Updates 21-30 September , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 21-30 September  2015

1.  On Climate Change, Listen to Pope Francis, Not Jeb Bush

2.  UK to spend £5.8bn on tackling climate change in poor countries

3.  Informal talks on climate change reveal broad support for ‘durable’ deal in Paris, Ban reports

4.  Study: Most Non-Climate Scientists Agree on Global Warming Too

5.  Scientists are looking at riskier ways to reverse climate change

6.  NDP proposes national cap-and-trade system to fight climate change

7.  Climate change activist takes aim at the ‘most irresponsible companies in the world’

8.  Confront climate change now, not later

9.   NDP releases climate change plan, allows provinces to opt out

10.             United Nations: Nigeria to adopt agreement to mitigate climate change – Buhari

11.             Dispelling the Conservative Myths about Climate Change

12.             Yet another survey suggests the climate change ‘debate’ is settled among scientists

13.             FIU students to join in nationwide climate change effort

14.             U.S.-China Joint Presidential Statement on Climate Change

15.             What Data Tells Us About Public Interest In Climate Change And Its Global News Coverage

16.                      Boston College hosts climate change conference

17.             Climate Change May Be Causing Bumblebees’ Tongues To Shrink, Study Finds

18.             The Pope Speaks On Climate Change

19.             Strong student support for Youth Climate Change Conference

20.             Five famous cities doomed by climate change

  1. Climate pledges so far would allow extensive global warming by 2100

22.             Obama’s Global Warming, Syria Push at United Nations Skips Congress


24.              Current Promises of Climate Action Aren’t Enough to Stop Global Warming

25.             Final thoughts on global warming

26.             Global Warming Blamed For South Florida Severe Flooding

27.             More Oil = More Global Warming

28.         Doubt Denies Denial

29.             Modi In US: Narendra Modi Views Terrorism And Global Warming As Greatest Challenges Of This Century

30.             Global warming, evolution reshaping bodies of bumblebees, study says

31.              Climate Scientists Agree Global Warming Is Real; How Can We Fight It?

32.             China to Launch Nationwide Scheme to Cut Global Warming Pollution

33.             LETTERS: Global warming hoax

34.             Don’t Believe in Global Warming? AP Says You “Reject Mainstream Climate Science”

35.             Social media and search engines contribute to global warming

36.             Making money from CO2

37.             Limited Progress Seen Even as More Nations Step Up on Climate

38.             How Global Warming Makes Overcrowded Prisons Even More Dangerous

39.             Mayor Gregor Robertson launches Vancouver Climate Pledge while in New York City

40.                     Women in science: Homeward Bound’s voyage to Antarctica focuses on climate change

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Using Music to Inspire a Generation to Save the World

42.             Climate Deal Gains With Brazil Pollution Plan and European Cash

43.             ‘70m affected by desertification, drought’

44.             El Niño takes toll on US rice farmers – and points to even higher prices

45.             ‘Clean coal’ group downsizing amid industry struggles

46.             Cutting greenhouse gas emissions won’t slow global economic growth — report

47.             Candidates must share plans for clean energy, healthy climate

48.             Climate change activist takes aim at the ‘most irresponsible companies in the world’

49.             UN General Assembly offers ‘last chance’ for climate leadership

50.             ‘Inconceivable’ Paris won’t deliver climate pact, says UNEP chief

51.             Brazil times climate plan delivery with UN bash

52.             Brazil pledges emissions cuts, UK increases climate finance

53.             Podcast: What has happened to the UK’s energy policy?

54.             As it happened: New York sparkles with vows of climate action

55.             UN shipping chief warns against emissions cap


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