Global Warming Updates 24-26 April , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 24-26 April 2015

  1. How do US Senators’ climate convictions square with voters?
  2. Climate change weekly wrap (April #4) – news, video and analysis
  3. SOAS first London university to divest from fossil fuels
  4. UK would be a climate leader with me in power, says Miliband
  5. Pleas to protect Arctic as polar summit begins

  1. BRICs group to expand environmental cooperation

  1. Print money for climate finance, central banks told
  2. Print money for climate finance, central banks told
  3. African countries drive progress on HFC phase-out

  1. History lessons highlight climate threat to birds

  1. Japan hikes target for emissions cuts to about 25 pct by 2030-media

  1. Carbon Pricing Helping Farmers Ease Methane Pollution

  1. Pope Francis forces the issue on climate change

  1. How Many More? 116 Environmental Defenders Were Murdered Last Year, Mostly in Latin America

  1. Greg Hunt defends $4m for Bjørn Lomborg climate ‘consensus’ centre

  1. America’s preeminent climate deniers are sending “real scientists” to the Vatican to teach the Pope about global warming

17.             Beyond the Headlines

18.             The 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners

  1. Republicans are engaging in smog and mirrors on climate

  1. Laurent Fabius: Our Climate Imperatives

  1. The U.S. Has Nearly 600 Coal Waste Sites. Why They’ve Got West Virginians Worried

  1. Opinion: ‘Cold carbon conservation’ is important in fighting climate change

  1. Leading group of climate change deniers accused of creating ‘fake controversy’ over claims global temperature data may be inaccurate


  1. Watch Bill Nye and Obama mock climate change deniers for ‘stiff-arming what we know are facts’

  1. Climate: 7 questions on 2 degrees

  1. Risk management industry must adjust to climate change loss

27.             Obama Finally Gets Angry At Climate Science Deniers And It’s Hilarious

  1. Abbott’s Maligned Climate Change Measures Face French Scrutiny

  1. Conservative thinktank seeks to change Pope Francis’s mind on climate change

  1. 3 Top Stocks for Fighting Climate Change

  1. Climate change and the U.S. budget

  1. How the U.S. plans to combat Arctic climate change

  1. Climate change’s reality is all around us

  1. Rally for climate change


  1. Study: Global Warming Has Slowed But Could Heat Up Again

  2. Congressman: Global Warming Is A ‘Religion’

  1. Global Warming? Global Sea Ice Levels Defy Alarmist Predictions


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