Global Warming Updates 25-26 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 25-26 May 2015

1. CIA Stops Sharing Climate Change Info With Scientists

2.   Goldman Sachs Is Our Best Bet Against Climate Change

3. What Would Ronald Reagan Do About Climate Change?

4. World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist

5. Vanishing stories in a vanishing country (i.e. climate change on Snapchat)

6. Is tornado activity being affected by climate change?

7. Catholics organize to promote pope’s climate change message

8. As weather bounces between record extremes, what say the climate-change deniers?

9. We need honesty from business to tackle climate change

  1. Climate evangelist preaches faith-based solutions to climate change

11.             Ragweed is invading Europe, and climate change will make it worse

12.             How Will Climate Change Impact Plankton?

13.             The climate change fight cannot be won with white liberal America alone

  1. Climate Change: It’s an Expensive National Security Threat

  2. Charlie Rose on Climate Change: ‘Do We Have Too Many Scientific Deniers?’ – See more at:

16.             Kevin Rudd: US, China and India key to tackling climate change

17.             Li-Cor’s climate change science wins Tibbetts Award from SBA

18.             UPEI hosting climate change conference

19.             Study assesses Georgia’s vulnerability to climate change

20.             Climate Change Affecting Ocean Circulation and Environmental Pollution

21.             Probing climate change winners, losers among state’s wildlife

22.             GMO debate, climate change, price gouging, red-light runners, etc.

  1. Evolution Of The Antarctic Ice Sheet And How It Resists Climate Change

24.                    Alaska Photo Project Captures Climate Change in a Thousand Wows

25.             Climate change debate fueled by ‘echo chambers,’ new study finds

26.             Climate change causing more ragweed, research suggests

27.             When It Comes to Global Warming, the News Media Only See What They Want

28.             Climate change could bring misery for hay fever sufferers

29.             Michelle Obama: Global Warming Is The New Civil Rights Movement

30.             Bill Nye Misquotes Constitution To Promote Global Warming Alarmism

31.             Global warming is back on the increase say scientists as world temperatures soar to new highs

32.             Recent FSU study sheds light on the effect of global warming on hurricanes

33.             Global Warming: Alarming Fast-Paced Melting Of Glaciers In Antarctica

34.             Fighting global warming, one tree at a time

  1. Vatican To Catholics: Don’t Like The UN? Don’t Buy Global Warming? You Must Be A Rich Capitalist!

36.             MassDEP Has A Lot of Discretion in Implementing the Global Warming Solutions Act

37.             Hay fever misery to increase with global warming: Invasive ragweed to spread pollen further due to climate change

Read more: 

38.             Editorial: Market is method to manage energy transition, not social engineering.

39.             Editorial: Florida needs action on climate change

  1. Silicon Valley could save the world from climate change. But we don’t want them to.

41.             UN head calls for global climate change action

42.             World’s least-polluting nations aim to set Paris climate bar high

43.                    Australian solar company Pollinate Energy brings light to slums of India

44.                    Alaska Photo Project Captures Climate Change in a Thousand Wows


45.             Tropical storms get fiercer with climate change – study

46.             David Cameron recruits climate hawk for top UK policy post

47.             Investors worth $12trn call for long term carbon target

48.             Can carbon pricing be a climate saviour?

49.             Sense of ‘inevitability’ over carbon pricing – World Bank climate envoy

50.             Stop demonising oil and gas companies, says UN climate chief


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