Global Warming Updates 27-28 April , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 27-28 April 2015

1.  Firefighters: climate change intensifying wildfires

2.  Vatican, U.N. join forces against climate change

3.  More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Warn Climate Change Scientists

4.  Blame game: Climate change causing extreme weather

5.  EPA spends $84,000 to study churches that preach climate change

6.  Pope Francis to champion combating climate change

7.  Nearly half of top pension funds gambling on climate change

8.  Africa: Benefits of Adapting Africa’s Infrastructure to Climate Change Outweigh the Costs

9.  Climate change could drive air conditioning to boost carbon emissions

10.          Making Sense of Nonsense: A MOOC About Climate Change Denial

11.              Blogging on the ice: Connecting audiences with climate-change sciences

12.              The invisible organisms that threaten to make climate change much worse

13.              Al Gore’s climate change talk tomorrow will be livestreamed

14.              Zimmerman argues against evidence that humans cause climate change

15.              Delaware braces for climate change

16.              Mayors Banding Together To Fight Climate Change

17.              Climate change: How Brits feel about ‘smart’ energy

18.               EPA To Study What Faith-Based Groups Can Do For Climate Change

19.              Shell lobbied to undermine EU renewables targets, documents reveal

20.              Heartland Institute takes climate foolishness to a Biblical level

21.              Britain’s political leaders have a clear moral duty to end coal-fired power

22.              75% of Heat Waves Are Attributable to Climate Change

23.              ‘Alternative Protein’ Could Make Up One Third of the Market by 2050

24.              National Parks’ place in president’s climate legacy

25.              Editorial: Gov. Scott muddy on environment

26.              Can the ‘Green Pope’ Change Minds on Climate Change?

27.              Colorado firefighters speak out on climate change

28.              More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Warn Climate Change Scientists

29.              Seaweed Might Have The Power To Make The Oceans Less Acidic

30.              Japan Sees Clean Energy Edging Out Nuclear Power in 2030

31.              For Its 40th Birthday, Let’s Retire Newsweek’s Global Cooling Story

32.              Ocean whitening to fight global warming? Scratch that one off the list

33.              WaPo: Close Mt. Everest Because Of Global Warming

  1. Global Warming To Peak In 2100; Effects Of Recent Slow Down Insignificant

  2. Researcher: Duke Study on Global Warming Slowdown Half Right

36.              The Amazon Trees that Do Most to Slow Global Warming

37.              Prof. Claims Global Warming Caused Nepal’s Earthquakes

38.              Scientists Say Global Warming Will Cause Deadly Earthquakes

39.              Study links extreme weather to global warming

40.              Global Warming Skeptics Are Attacking The Pope For Being Green

41.              Pension funds failing to manage climate risk could get sued

42.              On climate change, Obama don’t need no ‘anger translator’

43.              Will 2015 be the warmest year on record?

44.              Slaughterhouse helps Maasai herders prepare for climate change

45.              Leaked: EU confident plans for UN climate deal progressing

46.              Vatican prepares for climate fight, but real foe is decades old

47.              Climate adaptation projects are not working, says African expert

48.              Climate adaptation projects are not working, says African expert

49.              Climate adaptation projects are not working, says African expert

50.              Catholics can play “decisive role” in solving climate challenge

51.              Japan eyes weak climate goals as nuclear plans fade

52.              EU to take carbon market decision the size of Cambodia

53.              Ban Ki-moon urges Catholics to embrace climate action

54.              European air pollution has deadly trillion-dollar price tag – WHO


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