Global Warming Updates 28-31 August , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 28-31 August 2015

1.  Paris climate agreement can’t leave behind the most vulnerable

2.  Climate negotiators urged to up pace at Bonn session

3.  Mexico’s dragging energy reforms threaten green reputation

4.  Quiz: Food, farming and climate change

5.  Arctic summit and interim talks heat up climate agenda

6.  Seven things to know about Monday’s Arctic climate summit

7.  Obama heads to Arctic to hammer climate message

8.  Former UN climate chief criticises Paris summit plans

9.  In Alaska, Obama Will Be in Middle of Oil and Climate Change Battle

10.              Former FEMA Director Who Oversaw Katrina Does Not Accept Sea Level Rise

11.              Climate models may misjudge soils’ carbon emissions

12.              Glaciers in Central Asia shrinking fast: study

13.              How will climate change affect your livelihood?

14.              Morphological defects found in Japanese fir trees around Fukushima nuclear plant

15.              Middle East, Israel to be water scarce by 2040 — report

16.              Why the Next Arctic-Drilling Fight Might Be Over Before it Begins

  1. This is climate change: Alaskan villagers struggle as island is chewed up by the sea

18.              U.S. Is Playing Catch-Up With Russia in Scramble for the Arctic

19.              Breaking the Ice: Obama Seeks to Cement Climate Change Legacy

20.              Party leaders in Scotland make climate change pledge

21.              Mpls. Mayor Hodges to attend climate-change summit in N.Y.

22.              Climate change panel ready to hear from Albertans

23.              Is climate change pushing the Caribbean towards a health crisis?

24.                      Galapagos Penguin Population Doubles With Climate Change

25.              Climate Change Has Got The Earth In Hot Water

26.              Historic climate-change bills in California Legislature go down to the wire

27.              Climate Change Poses Risk to Great Barrier Reef Species

28.              Is an artificial tree part of the solution to climate change? These guys think so.

29.              EPA Kicks Off Climate Change Season

30.              In The Stomach Of A Seabird, A Glimpse Of An Ocean Heating Up


32.              Nature’s last refuge: climate change threatens our most fragile ecosystem

33.              Obama travels to Alaska to urge action on climate change

34.              GUEST COLUMN: Climate change is a national security issue

35.              ‘Climate change a scapegoat, disasters in Turkey are man-made’

36.              Climate change is here

37.              Citi report: slowing global warming would save tens of trillions of dollars

38.              Global warming worsened California’s drought – and it stands to get worse

39.              Don Rivenes: Global warming not political manipulation

40.              Climate change: A ‘pause’ in global warming? Not on this evidence

41.              The Many Terrifying Ways Global Warming Will Soon Be Ravaging California

42.              Global Warming Opens Countries’ Claims Over The Arctic Wealth

43.              Danger zone: A mere 2 deg C away from global warming

44.              Letter: Doubt global warming? Take a vacation up north

45.              Beliefs about global warming vary by country

46.              Would global warming stop after greenhouse gas emissions end? Not quite

47.              Sea level rapidly rising in the western pacific due to global warming: NASA

48.              Scientists’ computer models on global warming are unreliable

49.              Katrina: Not Global Warming, and Not Worst-Case Scenario

50.              Global warming worsened the California drought, scientists say

51.              How global warming is impacting the Canadian economy

52.              Global warming plays havoc with Auburn cherry blossom festival 

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