Global Warming Updates 3-5 April , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 3-5 April 2015

  1. Jerry Brown on California drought: ‘Climate change is not a hoax’

  1. The climate change paradox: Rainforests are being felled… but the world is getting greener

  1. Climate Change Makes Droughts in Australia Worse

  1. What Evidence Would Persuade You That Man-Made Climate Change Is Real?

  1. Climate change is more of a priority for voters than you might think


  1. Florida’s coral reefs threatened by climate change

  1. This conservative group is tired of being accused of climate denial — and is fighting back

9.   About that Controversial New Yorker Article on Climate Change by a Famous Novelist

  • Experts urge regional approach to EPA climate change rules

  • Coastal unknowns: climate change, storms, FEMA

  • What the climate movement must learn from religion

  • Washington Governor Puts Focus on Climate Goals, and Less on Debate

  • Smart Talk: Union of Concerned Scientists president on climate change, energy

  • Climate Change, Tax Pledge Among Issues to Watch for 2016 (POLL)

  • France to Facilitate Global Climate Change Conference

17.Let’s talk climate change

  • Climate Scientist: No, My Study Is Not A “Death Blow To Global Warming Hysteria”

  • Global Warming Is Global

  • Why the BBC’s preaching on global warming is getting louder

21.New Ocean Energy Plan Could Worsen Global Warming

  • Climate Scientist: No, My Study Is Not A “Death Blow To Global Warming Hysteria”

  1. Global warming — climate change — economic change

  • Santa Fe filmmaker discusses global warming project on ‘¡Colores!’ episode

  • Global warming more dangerous than N-plants

  • Documentary Raises Curtain on Global Warming Acrimony

  • 3 Reasons Solar and Wind Energy Will Take Over Our Power Grid Much Sooner Than You Think

28.California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth

  • VICE takes on climate change, and guess what — it’s pretty bleak!

30.  This General Rescued New Orleans—Now He Wants to Save the World

  • Coal Loses Nearly 50,000 Jobs, Wind and Solar Add 79,000

32.Beyond the Headlines

  • Journals And PublicationPollutionDenialism


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