Global Warming Updates 4-5 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 4-5 May 2015

1.  Coal-state officials blast Obama climate change plan

2.  Strategies Funded to Help Boston Airport Guard Against Effects of Climate Change

  1. Stanford’s Jon Krosnick: On climate change, most Americans want action

4.  Climate Change Trap

5.  Gore: Iowa could shape dialogue on climate change

6.  15 ways to powerfully communicate climate change solutions

7.  Feds to require climate change plans for states seeking disaster relief

8.  Climate Deniers Insert Themselves Into Boston University’s Divestment Debate

9.  Former GOP Presidential Hopeful Alan Keyes Likens Gay Marriage To Climate Change In That Both Destroy Humanity

10.               Australian economist: Tesla battery can solve climate change

11.                      Scientists on ‘strangest continent’ Antarctica investigate effect of climate change on animals

12.              China, EU Working on Common Approach on Climate Change

13.              Natalie Bennett: Green vote ‘sends climate change message’

14.              UM study: ‘Fattened up’ coral could be better at fighting climate change

15.              Fiords store lots of carbon, fighting climate change

16.              No legally binding climate change agreement under UNFCCC: India

17.               Ocean and climate research has come a long way in thirty years

18.              Doctors are already seeing links between climate change and their patients’ health

19.              Climate drives ‘new era’ in Arctic Ocean

20.              Fossil fuel limit in climate change

21.              25 Years Of Predicting The Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’

22.              Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan offers solution to global warming

23.              Global Warming Skepticism On The Rise In Europe

24.              The fiction of global warming

25.              Independent Satellite Records Agree: Little to No Global Warming over Past 18 Years

26.              Savannah Scientists Study Emerging Global Warming Threat

27.              Global Warming May Spread Lyme Disease

  1. Communism, Global Warming, the Church, and You

  1. Could FJORDS help solve global warming? Deep sea inlets trap huge quantities of carbon

30.              Global warming effect in nation more pronounced in last 10 years: IMD

31.              Al Gore: ‘I Could Become A Catholic’ Because Of Pope’s Global Warming Stance

32.              Insuring for Disaster

33.              Scientists tackle the ‘difficult problem’ of how warming spreads Lyme disease

34.              Clean Power Plan Would Save Thousands of Lives Each Year

35.              Study: Cutting carbon dioxide saves 3,500 US lives a year

36.              Flood risk to nuclear sites raises meltdown fears.

37.              World’s Worst Air Spurs Modi’s $25 Billion Utility Clean-Up Push


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