Global Warming Updates 5-9 September , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 5-9 September  2015

1.   Rich countries discuss $100bn climate finance pathway

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2.   The Emissions Factor podcast: Bonn climate talks review

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3.   How peace with rebels sculpts Colombia’s climate pledge

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4.   Ecuador seeks to unite Latin America behind climate justice crusade

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5.   UN climate officials chide Ban Ki-moon for ‘snail’s pace’ jibe

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6.   India environment minister blasts rich world’s greedy lifestyles

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7.   Australian PM heads for climate clash with Pacific island leaders

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8.   Tea and biscuits: US makes soft power play on climate

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9.   Countries edge towards loss and damage deal at climate talks

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10.               Shipping regulators wary of UN climate intervention

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11.               EC president Juncker warns of “climate refugee” challenge

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12.               Ecuador reheats oil export tax in climate pitch

13.               UN climate science panel too northern, too male – study

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14.               EU: climate damage must be treated with “urgency” in Paris deal

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15.               Global warming is not driving this refugee crisis, but it may drive the next

16.               EU to Australia: Global warming isn’t ‘crap’


18.               Pension managers must consider climate change risks: study

19.               Governor, top lawmakers ready to modify climate change measure as negotiations continue

20.               The strange link between global climate change and the rise of the robots

21.               World must avert devastating flood of climate refugees

22.               Global warming may have led to the death of this polar bear, researcher says

23.               Obama Has Done More for Clean Energy Than You Think

24.               The strong gravitational pull of SB 350

25.               Extreme Weather and Food Shocks

26.               Progress in Climate Talks Attracts Attack Dogs

27.               Symposium to address climate change and extinction​​

28.               UN Secretary General Hopes Pope Francis Addresses Climate Change Before General Assembly

29.               EPA Offers Resources for Climate Change

30.               Ségolène Royal: Pushing a broad battle against climate change

  1. Responding to Oak Wilt and Climate Change on the Menominee Nation Forest – See more at:

32.               11 up-and-coming projects in climate change and the environment

33.               Climate change denier Rupert Murdoch just bought National Geographic, which gives grants to scientists

34.               Quebec Might Become The New Napa Thanks To Climate Change

35.                       Transcript: Why climate change will restrict economic growth

36.               Climate change tension at Pacific Islands Forum

37.               Wake up, Obama, climate change has been happening forever

38.               The simple statistic that perfectly captures what climate change means

39.               Tackle climate change or face resource wars, Lord Ashdown warns

40.               This Is What the World Will Look Like After Climate Change

41.               Why Is Politico Reporting On Climate Change Like There’s Still A Debate?

  1. Gas reduction dropped from California climate change bill

43.               California Is On The Verge Of Making Climate History

44.               A surprising link between superintelligent robots, global warming, and mass extinction? Nope, not really

  1. French Scientists to Study 30,000-Year-Old Virus to Test Global Warming 

46.               Fluoride in water is as safe as global warming is dangerous

47.               El Nino, global warming to cause more coastal nuisance flooding in coming months, feds predict

48.               Global Warming Means the US Actually Needs More Icebreakers

49.               Will U.N. Climate Change Conference Mitigate Global Warming?

50.               Arctic Reality: If We Want to Limit Global Warming We Cannot Drill for Oil in the Chukchi Sea

51.               Global warming could shut down major ocean currents, say researchers

52.               Many global warming studies may be wrong as carbon dating found to be highly unreliable for organic matter over 30,000 years old

53.                       Palin Off on Glaciers and Global Warming


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