Global Warming Updates 6-7 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 6-7 May 2015

1.  This Is What Happens When You Elect Climate Change Deniers

2.  Weather Forecasters Used To Be Among The Country’s Staunchest Climate Deniers. Why That’s Changing Fast.

3.  Big Oil’s Disruptive Climate Change

4.   Weather Derivatives Backed By Climate Change Clamor

5.  Katharine Hayhoe opens up evangelicals and other skeptics to climate change

6.  The U.K. Is On The Verge Of Electing A Climate Change Champion As Prime Minister

7.  Manitoba infrastructure won’t withstand climate change, expert says

8.  Climate Change Now Among Top US Strategic Priorities

9.  Climate change will force Florida’s local governments to act

10.             Robert Jay Lifton on How Climate Change Joins Nuclear War in Threatening Human Survival

11.             Concerned about climate change, WWU students seek to revoke ‘climate agnostic’ Ericksen’s degree

12.             Climate Change And Food Security: Water Scarcity Threatens Major Food Companies, But Few Are Tackling The Challenge

13.             Push for ‘crazy’ target to be lifted, as climate change reaches grim milestone

14.             Faculty urged to weigh in on climate change, divestment

15.             19 reasons why the world is missing the 2C climate change limit

16.                     Alan Caron: The challenges and opportunities of climate change in Maine

17.             Climate change debate draws differing views among scientists

18.                     Why solar is critical to confronting climate change

19.             Manitoba infrastructure won’t withstand climate change, expert says

20.             U research: Climate change is killing fish walleye eat

21.             ‘Fattened up’ coral could be better at fighting climate change, study finds

22.             Global Warming May Mean More Downpours like in Oklahoma

23.                     World passes critical global warming milestone

24.             Little Chance to Restrain Global Warming to 2 Degrees, Critic Argues

25.              Chris Christie in New Hampshire: ‘Global warming is real’

26.             6 Christian Denominations With Most Liberal Stance on Global Warming

27.              Cold Winters And Global Warming

28.             Former UN Chief: Americans Should Eat Insects to Fight Global Warming

29.             Global warming: Science vs. politics

30.             The Pope Embraces The Religion Of Global Warming

31.             How Global Warming Could Make Surfing Better

32.              Communities use “green infrastructure” to adapt to climate change

33.             Tapping the ocean for drinking water: State lays down the law


35.                    Policy: Climate advisers must maintain integrity

36.             Global carbon dioxide levels reach new monthly record – See more at:


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