Global Warming Updates 7-13 july , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 7-13 July 2015

  1. Jerry Brown will speak on climate change at Vatican event hosted by Pope Francis

2.  GOP should push conservative approach to climate change

3.  Wary of climate change, Vanuatu villagers seek higher ground

4.  Al Gore on why he remains hopeful about climate change

5.  Wary of Climate Change, Vanuatu Villagers Seek Higher Ground

6.  Aging population could drive Obama’s climate change policies

7.  Benefits far outweigh costs of tackling climate change, says LSE study

  1. The Big Unchill

9.  Climate Change Threatens Australia’s Ecosystems

10.               Beijing Is Finally Getting Serious About Climate Change

11.               Climate change a risk to financial system, says Cameron Clyne

12.               Climate change: Controversial ‘cloud brightening’ project proposed for Moss Landing

13.               Bumblebee population struggling due to climate change, says study

14.               Climate Change Is Shrinking Where Bumblebees Range, Research Finds

15.               Shaw takes climate change in reshuffle

16.               Exxon Funded Climate Deniers Despite Knowing About Climate Change in 1981

17.                      Capital Beat: Climate change donations revving up

18.               Economic growth, jobs important to climate change debate: Guest commentary

  1. Climate change deniers are conspiracy theorists and are damaging the public debate on global warming, study claims

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20.               From ‘global cooling’ to ‘warming’ to ‘climate change’, it’s all bunk

21.                       Tropical fish in WA Kimberley facing extinction from climate change, researchers say

22.               Climate change: Controversial ‘cloud brightening’ project proposed for Moss Landing

23.               Climate Change Threatens Australia’s Ecosystems

24.               New Research Suggests Climate Change is Wiping Out Bumblebees

25.               Climate Change Is Shrinking Where Bumblebees Range, Research Finds

26.               Climate change muddies algae solutions

27.               NZ’s climate change target condemned

28.               Nobel-winning physicist who backed Obama: Prez ‘dead wrong’ on global warming

29.               CNN Reporter Seeks ‘To Understand’ Global Warming Skeptics
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  1. Self-Driving ‘Robocabs’ Could Help Curb Global Warming

31.               Hispanics see global warming as serious problem

32.               Daily Minimum Temperatures Are Rising Faster Than Daily Maximums

33.               Exxon Knew About Global Warming More Than 30 Years Ago

34.               Scientists: Polar Bears Are Thriving Despite Global Warming

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35.               GLOBAL WARMING: The Second Biblical Flood?

36.               Global warming to cause ice age in 2030… or a flood

37.               NASA Says Global Warming Hidden By Pacific And Indian Oceans

38.               Global warming to cause ice age in 2030… or a flood


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