Global Warming Updates 8-11 May , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 8-11 May 2015

1.    Carbon time-bomb in Siberia threatens catastrophic climate change

2.    Survey: Climate change ranks surprisingly low among reasons that people oppose Keystone XL

3.    Sea levels are rising at faster clip as polar melt accelerates, new study shows

4.    Chris Christie Makes Big Admission On Climate Change

5.          Climate change is big business

6.          Reshuffle sees new ministers for science, culture and climate change

7.    Climate change melting Chile’s desert mummies

8.    An anthology of poetry on climate change

9.    Quebec-Ontario climate change alliance could expand to Alberta: Cohn

  1. Caribbean Leaders Sign Off on Climate Change Declaration

11.                                               Analysis resolves ancient climate puzzle

12.                       New UK climate secretary Amber Rudd: ‘really green and no-nonsense’

  1. Bill Nye Compares Combating Climate Change to Winning World War II – See more at:

14.                       Two Guys In Paris Aim To Charm The World Into Climate Action

15.                       Troubling new research suggests global warming will cut wheat yields

16.                       Tony Abbott’s Business Adviser Maurice Newman Calls Global Warming A UN-Led Conspiracy

17.                       Learning to love global warming

18.                       Chris Christie: ‘Global warming is real’

19.                       The BBC on global warming is beyond a joke

20.                       New temperature records highlight global warming’s continued rise

21.                       This Likely GOP Presidential Candidate Actually Believes in Global Warming

22.                                                Apple Expands Renewable Energy Goal

23.                       Advocates say pipeline secrecy could make public less safe

24.                       Tory victory a huge blow to UK green energy industry, campaigners warn

25.                        Scientists probe the dynamics of Texas ‘earthquake country’

26.                       Two Guys In Paris Aim To Charm The World Into Climate Action

  1. Sea level rise accelerating faster than thought

28.                       Opinion: How Ontario and Quebec can fight climate change together

29.                       To address climate change, MIT lab seeks the wisdom of crowds

  1. Taiwan aims to rein in water use amid unusual drought

31.                       Modi: India can offer “natural leadership” on climate change

  1. Conservative majority increases UK climate influence – Barker – See more at:
  2. Why Canada’s provinces are fighting the Feds on climate – See more at:
  3. Seven ways to get the Tories to back ambitious climate policies – See more at:
  4. George Marshall: We need to engage the Tories on climate change – See more at:
  5. Meet Reverend Billy, preacher of the climate apocalypse – See more at:
  6. Australia likened to Saudi Arabia in plea to quit coal habit – See more at:
  7. Can Latin America blaze a trail towards a Paris climate deal? – See more at:
  8. Cities central to climate and sustainable development – World Urban Campaign – See more at:
  9. Edinburgh University considers divesting fossil fuel holdings – See more at:
  10. Cameron appoints Amber Rudd UK climate change chief – See more at:
  11. Hollande calls for climate funds at Caribbean summit – See more at:
  12. Biofuels can take decades to pay off carbon debt – study – See more at:



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