Global Warming Updates 8-9 April , 2015

Climate Changes Updates 8-9 April 2015


  1. Obama Adviser During Recession Is Given New Challenge: Climate Change

  1. Why some Wisconsin state employees are barred from mentioning ‘climate change’

  1. These Maps Show Why We Keep Electing Climate Change Deniers

  1. What the Pacific ’blob’ can tell us about climate change

  1. Obama: Climate Change May Fuel Spread of Diseases

  1. NC could lose federal funds set up for climate change

  1. Did climate change cause California drought?

  1. Florida governor’s staffers won’t say ‘climate change’ –
  2. A few questions about Kevin de Léon’s big climate change measure

  1. Climate change seen bringing more fires, less snow to Yellowstone

  1. Faith Forum: Is climate change a moral issue?

  1. Face of New Zealand’s Insurance Industry Wants Climate Change Action

  1. NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt: denying climate change is wishful thinking

  1. Quakers point to climate change as they walk along proposed pipeline route
  2. Is climate change really killing us? A doctor’s diagnosis

  1. Why Teenagers Are Suing States Over Climate Change

  1. Stop climate change by drinking Coca-Cola says Oz government

  1. Energy white paper ‘wilfully deluded’ on climate change

  1. Global Warming Negatively Affecting Western Canada’s Glaciers

  2. People’s Climate Arts Goes Beyond Global Warming

21.                     Global Warming’s Sister: Acidic Oceans Triggered ‘Great Dying’, Worst Ever Earth Mass Extinction

  1. New ocean energy plan could worsen global warming

  1. Global warming a dangerous inheritance

24.                      Another Major Global Warming Theory Just Got Debunked

25.                     Barely Half of Humboldt County Residents Believe Global Warming is Mostly Caused By Humans

  1. J. residents worried about global warming more than the national average, study finds

27.                      Letter – Approaches to global warming worth debating

  1. Obama Claims Asthma Sufferers Need Global Warming Regs, That Hurt Asthma Patients

29.                     John Casey: The Sun Has Ended Global Warming

  1. Global warming didn’t give Malia asthma: Column

  1. Rapid global warming may be coming sooner than you think

  1. Wisconsin Board Bans Employees From Global Warming Work

  1. Scott Walker Appointee Suggests Volcanoes Might Be Real Cause Of Global Warming

  1. Why Obama Said Global Warming Gave His Daughter Asthma

  1. Obama Adviser During Recession Is Given New Challenge: Climate Change

  1. Poll: 52 Percent of Americans Worried about Climate Change, Yet Few Give the Issue Top Priority

  1. Obama: Climate Change May Fuel Spread of Diseases

  1. Va. board passes science standards allowing climate change debate

  1. More bad news for polar bears, and it’s not climate change

  1. Thawing permafrost contributes to climate change: University of Alberta review

  1. Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?

  1. New energy storage plant could ‘revolutionise’ renewable sector


  1. Researchers begin to study methane ‘hot spot’

  1. Environmental groups take aim at Alberta oil sands emissions

  1. New study raises possible link between gas drilling and radon levels

  1. Is ‘Game of Thrones’ aiding the global debate on climate change?

  1. Opinion: Litigation could be the newest tool for the divestment movement.

  1. Life above the Alberta tar sands – why we’re taking the government to court

  1. How are cities in the Philippines preparing for climate change?
  2. 100 mayors adopt ‘Seoul Declaration’ on climate change
  3. Japan unlikely to target tough CO2 cuts for Paris – reports
  4. Five reasons cities are key to solving climate change
  5. Modi promises to compensate Indian farmers hit by extreme weather
  6. Top development banks agree definition for climate finance


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