Global Warming Updates April 10,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 10, 2014

1.              Climate Change, EPA Rules Focus of McCabe Confirmation Hearing

2.              In U.S. Southwest, Climate Change To Bring Bird, Reptile Shifts

3.              Years Of Living Dangerously frames a climate-change documentary like an action movie

4.              Business leaders: Addressing climate change makes cents

5. Maine moose population ‘walking dead’ after ticks drain blood due to climate change

6.              Climate change deniers ‘lying to themselves’, Hayes says

7. My Turn: Snowmobiling in an age of climate change

8.              Cove Point and climate change

9.              Climate Change, Media, Psychology & the Denial of Death

10.         Courses on climate change spark controversy

11.         Czech researchers studying global climate change on James Ross Island

12.         Climate change clouds SA’s plans to eradicate malaria

  1. World Bank spent $1bn exploring for new fossil fuels in 2013 – See more at:

14.         Climate TV show stars Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. IPCC report ‘key’ to 2C global warming target review – US, EU – See more at:

16.         Global warming now literally part of religion

17.         Local View: Fight global warming at home

18.         Focusing on risk will not reduce global warming

19.         Kyoto Protocol had “limited effect” on global warming: U.N. draft

20.     Do camel farts contribute to global warming?


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