Global Warming Updates April 11-13,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 11-13, 2014

1.  This Brand New TV Series Will Change Your Mind on Climate Change

2.There Is A 99% Chance Climate Change Is Not Natural, Says Researcher Using Historical Data, Not Computer Models

3.U.N. report: Climate change can still be stopped but only if we act now

4.  Ed Davey urges EU to lead climate change fight

5.Cast of Stars Put Face on Climate Change in New Series

6.UN issues guide to slow climate change

7.IPCC: Mitigating climate change more challenging than ever

8.UN climate change panel warns emissions rising despite reduction efforts

9.Climate change activist wins Jeannette Rankin Peacemaker Award

10.          Fossil Fuels ‘Leading To Catastrophic Climate Change, Stark UN Report Reveals

11.          Corporations Push for Climate Change Legislation

12.                       What is climate change mitigation?

13.          IPCC climate change report: averting catastrophe is eminently affordable

14.                       Odds very much against global warming being due to natural factors, scientists say

15.          The world must shift to solar and wind power rapidly to avoid catastrophic global warming, say UN scientists in major report

16.          UN Issues Global Warming Warning To Governments

17.          Don’t blame camels for global warming, study concludes

18.          Act fast to curb global warming, or extract CO2 from air – U.N.

19.          Emissions rising to ‘unprecedented levels,’ UN climate change panel warns

20.                       Peak Oil And Global Warming – A Question Of Culture

21.          Do Cow Farts Actually Contribute to Global Warming?

  1. Confusion over climate costs undermined IPCC message –
  2. IPCC WG3: Reaction as UN launches third climate report –
  3. UN: Radical action needed to avert climate catastrophe –


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