Global Warming Updates April 11, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 11 April

1.   Do not underestimate ‘massive’ water consumption in fracking process warns expert–massive–water-consumption-in-fracking-process-warns-expert-/

2.   Northern summers among hottest since 1400: Harvard

3.   US hurricane ‘luck’ may ran out this year: researchers

4.   Obama budget boosts ‘green energy,’ but no olive branch to GOP

5.   Opinion: McCarthy needs to open the windows at the EPA, letting in press and public

6.   President Obama’s budget promises action on climate change

7.   It’s surely time to start counting the cost of climate change

8.   Warmer Spring Brings Troubling Consequences

9.   Asia’s soaring energy demands will pose major economic, climate, health risks — report

10.                     Failure to put climate on G8 agenda will cast a shadow on ‘greenest government’

11.                     EU Looking Favorably on Shale Gas Development

12.                     Think the Planet Isn’t Warming? Check the Ocean

13.                     Fossil fuel subsidies dwarf green investment – report

14.                     Climate change making extreme events worse in Australia – report

15.                     Climate protesters converge on London ahead of G8 meeting

16.                     Sharon Kleyne Addresses Serious Need for Water and Climate Change Policy in the United States;_ylt=ArocbyrNzr0cSKwknUykatq1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQwdTlmbjhtBG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwNlZTIwYTM4Ni0zMjQyLTM4NWUtYjViNi1lOGI4M2RlMjJjYTkEcG9zAzMEc2VjA3RvcF9zdG9yeQR2ZXIDMDAxY2EyMzAtYTJkMC0xMWUyLWJlYmYtZTU3ZTk5Yjc4NTQ5;_ylg=X3oDMTMwbTlxcGpjBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDN2IyZWFjYjItZWRmYS0zMTA2LWEzZGMtZWFkM2E4NjM2YjIzBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdANUZXN0X0FGQw–;_ylv=3

17.                     Meteorologists retire ‘Sandy’ from list of hurricane names;_ylt=AqT7Kcj01vI084JHqVTFf.K1qHQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQwZmJjdG9rBG1pdANUb3BpY3MgQ29sbGVjdGlvbiBMaXN0BHBrZwMxNTJhMzMyZC1iYzU5LTMxOGYtYTgzMy1lNWFjZGIyYTcyM2MEcG9zAzQEc2VjA3RvcF9zdG9yeQR2ZXIDZjg0ODE2MjAtYTJjZi0xMWUyLWJmZGUtY2RkZGQyMTc2YWJj;_ylg=X3oDMTMwbTlxcGpjBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDN2IyZWFjYjItZWRmYS0zMTA2LWEzZGMtZWFkM2E4NjM2YjIzBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdANUZXN0X0FGQw–;_ylv=3




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