Global Warming Updates April 1,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 1, 2014

1.Council confronts dark side of LNG development

2.Whether or not global warming leads to more war, it hurts vulnerable people

3.Scientists Warn Severe Weather Risks, Health Impacts of Global Warming Are Imminent

4.SpaceX environmental impact statement pushed back again

  • FAA approves Kona airport environmental assessment

6.EarthTalk: K-Cups’ environmental impact

7.Does the record cold winter mean global warming is a myth? Auburn climatologist weighs in on climate change controversy

8.April Fool’s: Pheromones cause global warming, scientists say

9.Global warming heads ‘out of control’

10.          Letter: Baxter Black should take part in global warming debate

11.          Climate Change: Is Anybody Listening?

12.          Telegraph and Mail concede on climate change

13.          Why we’re having the wrong climate change debate

14.          House Advances Bill Calling For More Weather Forecasting, Less Climate Change Research

15.          As Climate Change Alters Ecosystems, Scientists Worry That Exotic Diseases Will Spread

16.          How the U.S. Corn Belt Is Helping Us Understand Climate Change

17.          More baby deer are dying in France because of climate change

18.          Cable News Winds Up Mostly Ignoring Terrifying Climate Change Report For A Full Day

19.          Research not keeping up with warming climate

20.          Human-induced climate change reduces chance of flooding in Okavango Delta

21.          Imperial researchers respond to the latest IPPC report on climate change impacts

  1. Research Suggests Climate Change affecting Seasons

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One thought on “Global Warming Updates April 1,2014

  1. Hi Jonathon.The arguments are very very thin and wiothut any real evidence to support them. The reasons are financial and therefore political. That and laziness.Some governments don’t want to admit to it, or at least don’t want to take responsibility. Mainly because most economies are built upon the trading of the Fossil Fuels etc. And if they admit to it they have to stop trading in Fuels and move to green technologies which are expensive to set up and can cause political tensions with people they purchase e.g. oil from.Many PEOPLE don’t want to believe in it because:a) it’s actually quite a scary idea (that the actions of people could be endangering not just other plants and animals but our very own futures);b) it means people have to stop being lazy; andc) they have to change their lifestyles. For most this seems too difficult and so they would choose to disbelieve. For some it’s simply hard to change long-held ideas. And even those who DO believe will often do nothing about it because they say it’s not my responsibility’, why should I care’, or I’ll die before it gets too bad’.The biggest problem currently is the media (with the exception of the BBC who are criticised for being too supporting of current climate change being a human cause). Many stories on Climate Change will try to sow the seeds of doubt. It was strange to see (as I just watched An Inconvenient Truth on Fox Movies as it’s Earth Day) Al Gore demonstrate that in 2005(?) there were over 900 scientific studies published in journals on Climate Change where there was no doubt at all that human impact is leading to the current round of Global Warming, and yet of all the Media stories published in the same year on that topic, over 50% of them tried to cast doubt on the science. When all Scientific studies HAVE to be peer-reviewed (examined by other scientists) and all of them were found to show the same thing, it’s interesting the media wasn’t publishing info in the same way.People that talk about mass-conspiracies are fools as there are literally tens of thousands of scientists investigating some aspect of climate change and they almost all will say the same thing.As Trevor demonstrated, the arguments are childish, illogical, insubstantiated, and wiothut any scientific evidence to support them.You have to make your own mind up where you stand on issues but please always bear this in mind: Do your own research, but research the SCIENCE using science journals and magazines and avoid the conspiracy theory sites as they will never provide the whole story only results that support their biased views. Remember, a scientist as a person may be biased and try to be misleading in his reports, but scientists as a group are unbiased and are simply looking for the truth and for a report to be published other scientists have to review it and decide if it’s a good study and carried out honestly.

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