Global Warming Updates April 14,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 14, 2014

2.IPCC report: Bet your house on low carbon energy growth

6.‘Years of Living Dangerously’ series highlights climate change

  • The cost of keeping climate change in check? U.N. says “relatively modest”

8.The Main Climate Change Question: When Do You Want to Pay For It, And How?

9.5 Takeaways From the U.N. Climate Change Report

10.          The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert Talks Climate Change And The Sixth Extinction

11.          Events refocus minds on climate change and difficult decisions

12.          Meet The Surprising Star Of Showtime’s New Climate Change Series

13.                       UN: fixing climate change is affordable

14.          UN Climate Report Charts Ways to Halt Global Warming

15.          Climate change a likely culprit in coqui frog’s altered calls, say UCLA biologists

  1. International climate research office to be established in Qingdao

17.          Researchers Decipher Climate Paradox From The Miocene


19.          Climate contrarian backlash – a difficult lesson for scientific journals to learn

20.          Tax Breaks In Australia To Fund Climate Misinformation Book

21.          How to Battle Climate Change and Poverty Together

22.          Fracking can be part of the solution to global warming, say UN climate change experts

23.                       World must end ‘dirty’ fuel use – UN

24.          Two environmental groups to create political alliance

25.          Climate change: small is also beautiful

26.          How to Solve Global Warming: It’s the Energy Supply


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