Global Warming Updates April 16,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 16, 2014

1.              Edmonds 2010 Climate Change Action Plan: Where are we, four years later?

2.              All Hands On Deck For Climate Change–20140414,0,4020595.story

3.              Dems press Kerry on Keystone: Face ‘reality of climate change’ 

4.              Using artwork to address climate change

5.              Nobel laureates condemn Keystone as climate-change trigger

6.              Climate change causing fish to lose their minds, researchers say

7.              President Obama’s EPA regional administrator: climate change a serious threat to Southeastern families

8.              Turn the tide on climate change: Try vegan for Earth Day

9.              Don’t censor climate-change skeptics: Letter

10.         “Years of Living Dangerously” host on the climate change stories we need to tell

11.         New Study Shows Link Between Climate Change And California Drought

12.         A backup plan for climate change

13.         UMD Climate Research Capabilities Potential Resource for Maryland and the Nation

14.         China’s Urbanization Plan — Sustainable Development?

15.         Egypt: SIS Contributes to Raising Awareness of Sustainable Development

16.         UAE among top 5 countries in sustainablity education — expert

17.         There’s ‘No Government-Wide Mechanism’ to Determine How Much Federal Environmental Assessments Actually Cost

18.         Another week, another report

19.         Attention Climate Change Skeptics: Man-made Emissions Cause Global Warming

20.         Letter: State’s mascots must fear global warming, right?

21.         Global warming will kill: Ludlam

22.         Global Warming: A Convenient Fiction

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