Global Warming Updates April 17,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 17, 2014

1.Why climate change hits the world’s poor harder

2.Rethinking the Climate Change Debate

3.Environmental advocate to discuss potential dangers of denying climate change at Auburn

4.Earth Day 2014: Why The Public Isn’t Warming To The Climate Change Debate

5.Yale climate change conference focuses on energy future

6.Drunken Trees: Dramatic Signs of Climate Change

7.Brown hosts international climate change conference

8.The story of climate change gets star treatment

9.         California Drought, Midwest Chill Tied to Climate Change?

10.          Climate change, struggle, and the Christian mission

11.          Govt fails to meet climate change policy goals

12.          Climate Change Reshaping Urban Tree Populations

13.          Ikea plans ‘green’ meatballs to help tackle climate change

14.                       Organic farming excellent way to mitigate climate change

15.          Greening Kenya to address environmental sustainability and climate change–65690/#sthash.p3YGoFNd.dpuf

16.          Researchers find climate response is sensitive to emissions rate

  1. Calderon dismisses ‘false’ choice between climate and economy –
  2. Lima summit can deliver on adaptation and forests, says Peru climate chief –

19.          Stakeholders to Consult On Financing Sustainable Development

  1. Conference on sustainable economic development kicks off in Amman

21.          Zimbabwe: Gender Equality Key for Sustainable Development

22.          Va. Supreme Court rules for U-Va. in global warming FOIA case

23.          Students hear two sides of global warming debate


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