Global Warming Updates April 21,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 21, 2014

1.              Climate change to ‘cost €2bn a year as droughts hit crops’

  1. The Governator’s Back—and Going After Climate Change

3.              Sports Can Help Roll Back Climate Change!

4.              Apple updates environmental progress, focuses on climate change, finite resources

5.              Voices: On Earth Day 2014, a climate change challenge

6.              Climate Change: Who Will Lead?

7.         Showtime, Syria, and the Faces of Climate Change

8.              Earth Day And The Arctic, Where Climate Change Is Up Close And Personal

9.              Is Climate Change to Blame for the Mount Everest Avalanche?

10.         Did This Governor Reject New Science Standards Because He’s Skeptical Of Climate Change?

11.         Forum: Climate change increasingly costly for Greater New Haven

12.         REPORT: Eighty-Five Percent Of Climate Change Guests Are Men

13.         This Is What Global Warming Looks Like — 2013 Edition

14.         Study Shows Ethanol Produces Worse ‘Global Warming’ Pollution Than Gasoline

15.         New Poll Reveals Many Americans Express Doubt Over Global Warming, Evolution, Big Bang

16.                     Biofuel Speeds Global Warming

17.         Time to demand more from politicians on global warming

18.         Corn Biofuels No Better than Gas for Global Warming

19.         Environmental impacts detailed for 10-mile Rock Springs natural gas pipeline in Solanco–mile-rock-springs-natural-gas/article_1e4043c8-c991-11e3-b567-0017a43b2370.html

20.         Keystone XL delay a ‘major blow’ to energy industry: Sask.’s Brad Wall

21.         OSU professor participates in global research on climate change


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