Global Warming Updates April 2,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 2, 2014

1.House Passes Bill Requiring Agencies To Put Climate Change On The Back Burner

2.BBC’s Climate Change Coverage Draws Heavy Criticism

3.The 10 Reasons We’ve Been Too Slow in Responding to Climate Change, as Told by Sloths

4.Canada must be ready for reality of climate change, forum told

5.Food supply and climate change: time for politicians to show leadership

6.Will Climate-Change Disclosure Leave Exxon Investors Stranded?

7.Climate change musical funded by $700,000 National Science Foundation grant

8.Panel says climate change makes long-term outlook for wildfires grim

  • Chile‘s Terrifying Earthquake Makes It Clear That We Need to Take Climate Change Seriously

10.        Climate change: we must terminate this market madness

11.                  WE ARE ALL CORALS NOW: A Crafty Yarn About Global Warming

12.        Readers split over whether global warming is fact or fiction

13.                  Trees Replace Graves to Curb Global Warming

14.        Chicago’s Coldest Winter & Global Warming

15.        Oman-based Indian goes to Antarctica to spread awareness about global warming

  1. Kill the cheeseburgers to stop global warming – report –

17.                  EPA seeks millions more for global warming initiatives

18.        Extreme weather events provide window for scientists studying Amazon climate change

19.        Climate change forces flower festival forward a month since 1960s

20.        Sustainable Development Needs the Private Sector

  1. Conservationists raise concerns over first plans for development of the seas


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