Global Warming Updates April 22,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 22, 2014

1.Climate Change, Desmond Tutu, and Boycotting Houston

2.Wall Street Wants to Lend You Money to Fight Climate Change

  • Climate Change Affects State, But Legislative Answers Stalled,0,3199830.story

4.Spending Earth Day at Ground Zero for Climate Change In America

5.The ‘Environmentalists’ Who Scapegoat Immigrants and Women on Climate Change

6.Climate Change Is the Tragedy of the Global Commons

7.Earth Day: Treat Climate Change Like a Security Threat

8.Fighting Despair to Fight Climate Change

9.Apple: Climate Change Is Real, and It’s a Real Problem

10.          Clive Palmer threatens to rip away Direct Action climate change Band-Aid

11.          People of Color Are Already Getting Hit the Hardest by Climate Change

12.          Visiting the alternate climate change universe of Australia’s Attorney-General George Brandis

13.          Agencies may be held responsible

14.          Nigeria: Lagos Goes Tough With Mast Owners

15.          No plans to curb pollution

16.          Map: How climate change will affect you

17.          Vilsack: Agriculture unfairly blamed for climate change

18.          Millions of China’s Farmers Now Buy Climate-Change Insurance

19.          Make climate change matter, or else, author argues

20.          Happy Earth Day. We Just Reached Another Scary Climate Change Milestone

21.          If We Don’t Raise Our Voice About Climate Change, No One Will Do It For Us

22.          Climate change causing extreme weather on the prairies

23.          EPA chief: Climate change, not Keystone, is game changer 
24.    Earth Action Week: Four sobering climate change reports

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