Global Warming Updates April 24, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 24 April

1.   Ancient Earth Crust Stored in Deep Mantle

2.   A Simple Solution to Air Pollution from Wood-Burning Cookstoves

3.   Ice Tubes in Polar Seas — ‘Brinicles’ or ‘Sea Stalactites’ — Provide Clues to Origin of Life

4.   Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic

5.   CO2 Record Highs

6.   Climate change did not cause 2012 US drought, says government report

7.   Earth Day needs a new name

8.   Why childrens’ climate concerns should inspire politicians

9.   China ends production of HCFC greenhouse gases

10.                     Work on 2015 climate deal set to start in Bonn

11.                     CO2 level nears 400ppm climate milestone

12.                     Saudi Arabia blocks climate change from UN poverty goals

13.                     Time To Look For Planet B? Stephen Hawking Says Yes.

14.                     Why We Need More (and Better) Environmental Coverage in the News

15.                     Will Smith and Son Talk Science of ‘After Earth’

16.                     Climate change advisers says fracking can be OK

  1. Statistical Downscaling Says Hawaii Will Get Less Rain Due To Global Warming

18.                     UN official hopeful about 2015 climate talks

19.                     CCC report: Imports increase UK’s CO2 emissions by 10%–Imports-increase-UK-s-CO2-emissions-by-10-percent/

20.                     EU Ministers reach general consensus on future of green Europe

21.                     Traffic pollution tested across Sheffield

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