Global Warming Updates April 24,2014

Climate Changes Updates April 24, 2014

1. Climate-change bill is Irish solution to a global problem

2. Opinion: How climate change affects food security

3. Eager For A Climate Change Win, Obama Picks A Fresh Target: Methane

4. Study Links California Drought To Global Climate Change

5. Some Coral May Be Resistant to Climate Change, Researchers Say

6. Harvard President Drew Faust Is Still Wrong on Climate Change

7. Climate-change play funded by feds heats up the skeptics

8. Professor finds the faces of climate change

9. TIME’s 100 Most Influential People: Evangelical Christian Scientist Featured for Climate Change Work


11.           Washington state tribes ask for action on climate change


12.      It’s the End of the World as We Prefer It, and I Feel … Stupid

13.           Global Warming and Settled Science

14.           Climate Outsider Finds Missing Global Warming

15.           Media ignores sold-out global warming ‘skeptic’ conference

16.           Fiction prepares us for a world changed by global warming

17.           New Life for the Meteorologist Who Grounded Himself Because of Global Warming

18.      Does Unusual Weather Cause More Crime?

19.           Labels for climate data

20.           Southwest Nova climate-data research to continue

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